It would be nice

If Catholics who loved to speak of compassion and mercy and kindness would show them to unborn babies.

16 responses to “It would be nice

  1. I recently had a leftwing Catholic tell me that such concerns were distinctly not “nice” and that it was only nice to be tolerant of other people’s sins- by which she seemed to mean condoning them.

  2. There are other alternatives to voting Republican.

  3. what are the other alternatives?

    • 3rd party: JPII said we’re to vote for the most pro life candidate, regardless of apparent popularity. And contrary to what some people say, refusing to participate in politics is a perfectly valid option. See St Jerome. I can understand not voting GOP, but Democrats’ policies, including economics, are totally against Catholic teaching.

  4. are you saying that repub. and third party politics are pro catholic teaching?

    • No modernist economic system is perfectly in keeping with Catholic teaching, but from Pius IX to Leo XIII to Pius XII to John XXIII to JPII to B16, the popes have consistently praised capitalism, or better yet, a capitalist welfare state, as the better option, and they have consistently condemned socialism, because the Church says private property is a fundamental right.

  5. opps. i mean polics re: economics.

  6. a system can have social programs and allow private property not too shook up about any of it as i m old and will know all that was right and all that was wrong,soon.

    • Well, you don’t need to wait till then. Just read what the Popes actually have written, and stop listening to the misinformation from the Masonic infiltrators.

  7. you judge me wrong, but i forgive you. are you telling me that you already know “all” that is right and”all” that is wrong?

    • I’m not judging you, though you seem to be unaware of what the Church teaches. “All” that is right? No, but I know what the Catholic Church teaches, which is the voice of Christ in this world, and I know what is true versus false Catholic teaching.

      • Liberals love to use the word “judge”. I’m critiquing your thought, as for example, you are ignorant of a Catholic’s obligation to vote against abortion first and foremost, as taught by Bl JPII in the infallible encyclical _Evangelium Vitae_, or your position that the Democrats are “right” on matters of economics, which is easily refuted by looking at the Church’s social justice encyclicals (unless you mean the Democrats of the 1940s which are not necessarily the same as today’s Democrats). These positions imply that either you haven’t read the documents or that you’ve read and intentionally defied them. Therefore, the more charitable assessment is that you haven’t read the docs, and to suggest that you do read them. This is also based upon my interactions with so many Catholics who have never even read the Catechism, much less papal encyclicals, yet who are convinced their view of Catholicism is correct because Father So-and-so or Bishop Such-and-such thinks the way they do.

  8. im sorry but im really offended by your air of youre catholic and im not.

    • Actually, my “air” is that you are ignorant of Church teaching, because you do not know that a government that violates Natural Law violates the natural order itself, and no law that violates Natural Law can be just. You do not understand that abortion is supposed to be a Catholic’s primary cause in voting, and that the Church is diametrically opposed to socialism.
      You have mentioned being older, so I guess you come from that Vatican II or just-post Vatican II generation that lost its moorings in the faith. I grew up knowing I lived in a society that would prefer me to be dead or sterilized, all under the nice pleasant name of “choice.” I’ve spent my life around older Catholics who’ve thrown away the patrimony of our faith–devotions, Latin, the Mass itself, and basic morality–in the name of freedom and the “spirit of Vatican II,” even though Vatican II itself called for greater emphasis on these things; Catholics who otherwise despise “tradition” yet cling to the Democratic party because of the notion that Catholics in America have always voted Democratic–even though that tendency itself was condemned as heresy by Leo XIII.

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