Daily Archives: December 17, 2012

Infant of Prague Novena, Day 1

Infant Jesus King and Priest005O Miraculous Infant Jesus, prostrate before YOur sacred Image, we beseech You to cast a merciful look on our troubled hearts. Let Your tender heart so inclined to pity be softened by our prayers, and grant us that grace which we so ardently implore.
Take from us all affliction and despair, all trials and misfortunes with which we are laden. For Your sacred Infancy’s sake hear our prayers and send us consolation and aid, that we may praise You with the Father and the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen.

Venerate the Holy Head of the Divine Infant in order to receive the three Divine virtues: faith, hope and love.

What do I see? What bright gleam strikes my eyes? It is the beautiful crown that adorns Your head. Kings alone have crowns upon their heads. You, too, O dearest Jesus, are a King, the gentlest, greatest adn most powerful of them all. You are King since ever and ever. I prostrate myself before You and humbly praise Your most sacred Head.

Enrich within me the light of faith, I pray You. Strengthen my faith in Your miraculous Image, representing You as the Eternal King of Heaven and Earth, the Son of the Heavenly Father and the Blessed Virgin Mary, who served You so passionately and nurtured You with loving care. O Infant of Prague, full of mercy, give me some hope, for I am afraid because of all my sins. Help me to love Yo in all and above all. Amen.