“I Thought Being A Christian was Just about Following the Teachings of Jesus”

The other day, my post “How a Member of the ‘Christian Left’ Thinks” got a link on the “Christian Left” Facebook page, saying what a hatemonger I am and whatnot. It was interesting reading the replies here and there, which basically confirmed the points I made in that post:
1) that the Christian Left generally doesn’t care about the unborn: some respondents even said proudly that they were “pro-choice”
2) that the Christian Left doesn’t care about marriage–again, one commentor said he thinks that the left has the Biblical High Ground on so-called “Marriage Equality.” How he gets that from “From the beginning, God intended them male and female” is beyond me, and somehow I think whatever his exegesis of that passage may be, it can’t possibly match up to that of Bl. John Paul II
3) Being a member of the “Christian Left” means defiance of the Holy Father (indeed, all respondents were Protestants who showed nothing but contempt for the Pope, the Magisterium and “dogma”).
There were no overtly “Catholic” responses. Only one really tried to challenge my premises about what it *means* to be a Christian, and she did a weak, Protestant, “That’s just your opinion” response to my assertions about history validating the Church, the ECFs, Ecumenical Councils, etc.

But what struck me as most symbolic of all responses was one sarcastic comment on Facebook: “And here I thought all it took to be a Christian was to follow the teachings of Jesus.”

Uhh, no, not at all.

Muslims follow the teachings of Jesus.
Many Jews even follow the teachings of Jesus.
In terms of what they mean by “the teachings of Jesus” (as they’ve eliminated all sexual morality, not killing people and following the Church from their criteria of “teachings of Jesus”), Communists follow the “teachings of Jesus.”

Ask Arius, Nestorius, Pelagius, etc., if “all you need to do is follow the teachings of Jesus”.

Indeed, every heresy accuses the Church of heresy *precisely* because prior to modernist relativism, all those who claimed to be “Christian” have recognized that it’s not necessary just to follow the teachings of Jesus–or, conversely, that it IS necessary to follow the teachings of Jesus, and they recognize that other people AREN’T following those teachings.

The salient debate is what constitutes the teachings of Jesus. And what is the purpose of following Jesus’ teachings unless we are concerned about Jesus the Person? Who is Jesus? What is Jesus? The Church established in its earliest centuries that one must accept the full Truth about Jesus to be saved, and the whole point of the Ecumenical Councils was to nail down the true doctrines concerning Jesus: that’s what “dogma” is.

So it’s really quite contradictory to say that one is opposed to “dogma” and to say “I thought being a Christian just means following the teachings of Jesus.”

11 responses to ““I Thought Being A Christian was Just about Following the Teachings of Jesus”

  1. “Ask Arius, Nestorius, Pelagius, etc., if “all you need to do is follow the teachings of Jesus”.”

    Actually, isn’t that what got Pelagius into trouble and branded as a heretic by the Catholic church, that he did teach that what it takes to be a Christian is to follow the moral teachings?

    In any case, anyone on the Left is not a Christian by any definition, neither Augustinian nor Pelagian, and cannot be reasonably accused of following the teachings of Jesus himself, of Paul, nor of any church that has existed for any longer than 60 years.

  2. When asked by the rich young ruler (See Matthew’s account) what one must do to obtain eternal life, Jesus said “keep the commandments” and the man asked “which ones?” and Jesus listed off several moral commandments mostly from the 10 commandments, but clearly only a suggestive list not exhaustive,but suggestive that the answer to the question “which commandments?” is “the moral commandments.” That’s the teachings of Jesus that Pelagius placed so much emphasis on and that the Protestant churches ignore because they’ve bought the non-sense of faith alone which had lead them to allow the homosexual maffia to take over!

  3. Its precisely because they follow the reductionist version of Paulinism (faith alone) that the idiot Protestant churches and liberal Catholics (many Catholics believe in faith alone now too) condone every evil under the Sun. Augustinianism has killed the moral fabric of society by pushing Paul and his non-sense teachings more and more into the forefront. Faith alone is the teaching of Satan. Predestination is the teaching of Satan. All who follow it will one day condone baby murder and homosexuality. It is time to get back to the stricter teachings of Jesus that unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the Pharisess you will not make it. “But that’s Pelagianism and that’s heresy.” God, damn them all to hell who say that! Burn them in the hottest fires of torment who condemn the teaching of morality and preach a stupid Augustinian Pauline grace and faith morality hating putrid doctrine. AMEN!!!!!!

  4. The Catholic Church is as wrong a the Prots on original sin and grace. Teaching that man is incapable of doing good without begging for grace and cringing in a corner hoping that mean and stingy God will provide it, but never knowing if God will provide you the grace needed for moral improvement because Augustine taught that God is a stingy miser…it leads directly to immoral lives. Pelagius’ position as stated in his Letter to Demetrius, is that God’s grace ALWAYS assists those who seek to live a moral life. That is we don’t have to beg and cower and wonder if God will give it; if we are trying to live right, God is already assisting us. As James says “Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and he will draw near to you.” But Augustine “Beg for grace but always be unsure as to whether God will grant it.” And hence, through Augustine, weak Christians incapable of keeping any moral commandment because they are unsure of whether God has given them the grace to do so or not!! Idiots!

    • I was tracking with you till the last post. Well, Feeney wasn’t a Feeneyite, and perhaps Pelagius wasn’t a Pelagian, and where there’s a difference, I generally tend to side with the Eastern Fathers.

      • Why is it Pelagius was placed on trial for heresy in Jerusalem several times by Jerome and yet acquitted every time, and then all of the sudden after his death he is condemned in a Western synod? He wasn’t saying anything different from the Eastern fathers. We don’t need to cower in a corner somewhere begging God to enable us to improve morally like some Calvinist ninny and never improving because we keep wondering when God is going to give us the grace we need when in reality he already has but because we let Augustine fry our brains we think he hasn’t.

  5. it hurts to vote democrat but the only redeeming point is that abortion dont have to be done, they are optional and so is same sex marriages, which i am against both. i have to vote for the best, i believe, economical party cuz poverty isnt always optional.

    • You’re also presuming the Democrats care about helping the poor, which they don’t. They just want to hurt the middle class at the advantage of the mega-rich (Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, George Soros, the Waltons, George Lucas, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, etc.–all billionaires; all Democrats).

    • Poverty is even less optional when the Democrats are in control. Higher taxes = more poverty.

  6. But a law that violates Natural Law is inherently unjust, and creates a fracture in society. The question of whether abortions happen, and whether they’re legal, are two totally separate things. This is also addressed by Bl. John Paul II in _Evangelium Vitae_, when he speaks of the Culture of Death, and the worldwide conspiracy against life, and our obligation to fight that conspiracy.
    Plus, that *would* have held some time ago, but you’re neglecting the fact that the Democrats are forcing us to engage in remote material cooperation by making us pay for other people’s abortions.

    • But these women who have abortions were born sinners and can’t help it–they have to sin, they were born with a “sin nature.” Augustinianism makes me hurl. Can’t you see Pelagianism is orthodoxy? Augustinianism is INCAPABLE of condemning ANY sin, because there is always the excuse that you had to because you were “Born that way.” Long before homosexuals used the “Born that way” excuse, Augustinians were using it for EVERY sin.

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