My 8 Year Old’s Pro-Life Sign

2 responses to “My 8 Year Old’s Pro-Life Sign

  1. Imagine the nightmares? Way too yound to even know about what abortion is, let alone protest it? Do you let the child watch rape vidoes too? simply awful parenting here..

    • Where do I *begin* to dissect the errors in your reasoning, starting with at least two logical fallacies, not to mention several grammatical errors? Note how my previous sentence was actually a question, beginning with the interrogative adverb “where.”
      1. What nightmares? Actually, the little girl in question has nightmares: nightmares about the garbage society fills her head with.
      2. Is 8 too young to know about war? Too young to know about the Crucifixion? Too young to know about the Holocaust? Too young to know about history? Too young to know about death? Too young to watch _Scooby-Doo_?
      3. Who said anything about about videos? She knows what abortion is–when a mother hires a doctor to kill her unborn baby. She doesn’t need to know the mechanics of how it’s done to know it’s wrong. She knows the 10 Commandments, which include theft, murder and adultery. My kids are extremely sheltered when it comes to sex (I’m sure you’re one of those people who advocate sex ed for kindergartners), but she knows that it’s wrong for people to act like they’re married with someone they’re not married to, and that’s all she needs to know at this age. She knows that it’s wrong to kill another person, though she doesn’t need to know the mechanics of how that’s done.
      4. It is awful parenting to refuse to teach one’s children about religion, virtue and sin. It is awful parenting to allow children to be exposed to every bit of cultural filth and then balk at the notion of telling kids about abortion. Last year, when she was at a “Catholic” school, she had 7 year olds in her class who talked about watching _Twilight_ and horror movies, not to mention the garbage on Disney & Nickelodeon, and I think *that’s* “awful parenting.” The kids on the playground would play “vampires and werewolves,” and then make fun of her for not participating–I think *that* is awful parenting.
      She has two parents who are pro-life, who married in part because we’re pro-life. We have pro-life bumper stickers all over our car and discuss it all the time. I have a genetic disorder, which her older sister shares (I’m sure you think *that* is “awful parenting”). She knows that Obama and his supporters support abortion on demand and want to kill off people with genetic disorders.
      I note how you are eager to make all sorts of assumptions and judgements about me, yet you post almost anonymously (please note that this blog has a rule against anonymous posting). You don’t share much of anything about your own positions or views, so it’s kind of hard to respond to your argument, which is thus tantamount to cyber-bullying.
      Awful parenting, indeed literally damnable parenting, is the kind that does NOT look with concern to children’s souls but only their worldly well-being, and outright avoids teaching them about morality or spirituality.

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