Life Chain 2012

Thanks to Most Rev. Gregory John Hartmayer, OFM Cap., bishop of Savannah, for not just supporting Life Chain but coming to Augusta to pray with us. Now, apparently the organizers of the Augusta Life Chain are unaware it’s supposed to be *SILENT*, and while I appreciated His Excellency’s talk, I was uncomfortable with the loud hippy dippy guitar music blasting on the loudspeakers or the talks by Protestant ministers.

My eldest had to go for “Our Lady’s Honor Guard,” and my wife was watching the other kids but came up about halfway through to check on us and see if we needed water. Our 8 year old (who drew the previously posted “sign” while waiting) took up a sign and stood in line with our son. Then the 5 year old sat in her sister’s lap.

I took this picture, thinking how, in several respects, it embodies everything it means to be pro-life.

Today was also the day of the Augusta “Living Rosary,” which may be why His Excellency was in town.

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  1. You are blessed to have those!

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