God Spoke through my SmartPhone

OK, so this is weird. I have copies of all my religious mp3s on my Android “phone,” including a free MP3 audiobook of _Imitation of Christ_ I downloaded some time back. Each MP3 file is like 20 minutes long. Around noon, Mary was at the desk, and I was on the corner of the bed, and the phone was at the opposite end of the room. All of a sudden, we heard _The Imitation of Christ_ play for like 3 or 4 sentences, in a very clear-cut, point made snippet. ‎

“If you withdraw yourself from unnecessary talking and idle running about, from listening to gossip and rumors, you will find enough time that is suitable for holy meditation.” Bk 1, Ch. 20

I picked up the phone. There were no recent calls; no alarms; and no sign of the MP3 player playing.

Now, when I *looked* at the phone right after it went off, I saw no indication of an “alert” on the phone–no indication of a call, alarm or text message or email. Mary *did* have an alarm set for around that time, but the alarm says “Alarm”. There is NO option on the phone for an “Imitation of Christ” ringtone. When you go to the list of ringtones, it says, “Alarm Rooster,” and you click on Alarm Rooster, and the rooster crows. But on *that* alarm, if you play the ringtone, it plays the clip.

And, again, you can’t pick a short clip out of a 20 minute MP3 and assign it as a ringtone, and even if it were possible, neither one of us did it.

One response to “God Spoke through my SmartPhone

  1. It is possible, but you need extra software to do it if it isn’t at the beginning of the MP3. But I’ve always said- a miracle you can explain is no less miraculous than one you can’t; the real nature of the miracle is not in it’s cause, but it’s effect.

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