“Blue State” Liberal Producers of _American Idol_ try to censor Christian Contestant

Apparently, an _American Idol_ contestant named Colton Dixon has been making Christian statements on his Twitter and Facebook feeds that the show’s producers think he should “tone down” for fear of “alienating” potential voters.

As the columnist I linked, Noel Sheppard, points out, most _American Idol_ winners have appealed to “red state” values, and the 2009 competition between Adam Lambert and Kris Allen was seen as a little battle of the Culture War, when non-viewers of both sides voted en masse to support the contestant who was perceived as reflecting their values.

This is up there with Megan Fox’s tirade against “red state” people when _Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen_ came out (and every effort was later made to deny that was the cause of her being fired from the franchise).

Are Hollywood types *that* clueless about where their money comes from? There’s a reason we condemn “liberal elites”: they’re liberal, and they’re elitist, and they live in their own little closed-off enclaves on the Left Coast and the Northeast where they’re totally out of touch with the real world. They come from around the country to live where they’ll be close to people who think like they do, even if that means working as waiters and waitresses, calling themselves “actors” and then occupying Wall Street because they can’t get real jobs. . . . And then, creating this artificial world where they never meet a believing Christian (Buzz Dixon has noted that he was the *only* Christian working for Marvel Comics in the 1980s), where people who have kids at all are like aliens, and where every other person is a homosexual, they don’t get the fact that they are really the minority, and their views are not only out of touch with the rest of the country, but with the Cosmos.

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