Daily Archives: March 13, 2012

GLAAD says Christianity has “No Place in Modern America”

In saying that Kirk Cameron’s views on same sex “marriage” have “no place in modern America,” GLAAD is essentially saying that Christianity has no place in modern America.

Meanwhile, Cameron himself has stood by his comments, and accused his attackers–including _Growing Pains_ co-stars Alan Thicke and Tracey Gold–of hate speech for their attacks on Christianity and their claims that *his* comments (that he believes abortion and homosexual behavior are sinful and contrary to God’s plan) are hate-speech.

Piers Morgan ambushed Cameron in an interview that was supposed to stick to his new movie. Cameron stated his views–aka basic Christian teaching–in a very diplomatic way, and got blasted for it. His comments have been labelled “homophobic” and an “anti-gay diatribe,” yet they are anything but.

As typical with liberals and their nonsense about “hate speech,” what they’re really saying is that they hate any speech that expresses views they disagree with. They can say whatever hateful things they want about Christianity or about Christians, but for a Christian to say, “That behavior is sinful; stop doing it” is “hate speech.” Makes a lot of sense.