“No Death Panels!” HA!

When Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann warned of “Death Panels” if Obamacare passed, liberals and some conservatives balked at this “slippery slope” “conspiracy theory,” saying that it was hogwash, there were no “death panels” in the bill (a bill that no one apparently ever read), etc.

Well, Kathleen “Tiller the Killer paid for my career” Sebelius says that “reduction in the number of human beings is a cost containment goal of Obamacare.”

And liberals are now talking about “After Birth Abortion.”

Go figure when we have a president who actively opposed protecting protection of babies who survived abortion, who accused Jill Stanek of lying (and liberals take for granted that Stanek was “discredited,” even though she wasn’t), when even Hillary Clinton and NARAL refused to take a position on born-alive protection. Obama has stated that infanticide is necessary to protect the “right to an abortion,” and we know liberals think abortion is necessary to protect the “right to contraception,” but slippery slopes are logical fallacies. Yeah, right.


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