Daily Archives: March 6, 2012

Are Liberals *THAT* stupid?

I mean, I get so sick and tired of how they just deny the truth.

For 8 years, I’ve hard from liberals on the Net about how “The SwiftBoat Vets were discredited.” Yet I’ve never seen one scrap of evidence that they *were* discredited. On the contrary, Rush Limbaugh played audio recordings of John Kerry telling conflicting stories about his Vietnam record. He played audio clips of Kerry making claims about his Vietnam service that contradicted historical fact–I don’t remember exactly, but it was on the lines of Obama saying his parents married because of the Birmingham march in 1965.

Then there’s the “Birther” issue. From the beginning, the party line of the Left has been that the “birther” movement is absurd because it’s ridiculous that someone could get elected without being properly vetted for citizenship. DUH! That’s our point, too, but that’s exactly what happened. Obama never provided any real proof of his citizenship. When Alan Keyes first raised the issue in 2004, Obama scoffed that it didn’t matter because he wasn’t running for President. Commentators back then suggested changing the Constitution to make Obama and Schwarzeneggar eligible. Kenya has a sign saying it is “Obama’s birthplace”. Obama’s own grandmother says he was born in Kenya. Hawaii officials say there’s no evidence. The “long form” document “produced” last year is clearly digitally doctored, if not forged. AND ALL THAT IS IRRELEVANT, because the Supreme Court declared in the early 1800s that “natural born citizenship” refers to the citizenship of the person’s father. Every time that this has been challenged in court for 4 years, starting with Hillary Clinton’s people raising the issue, the courts have thrown the cases out on technicalities. Obama’s eligibility has never been proven.

Now, it comes out from none other than Wikileaks that Obama is not legally the president for other reasons. The Obama campaign received a great deal of money from Russia (remember that the *reason* for requiring the Prez to be a natural born citizen is to avoid having a president with divided loyalties). The Obama campaign bribed Jesse Jackson, Sr., to keep his mouth shut about how much he can’t stand Barack Obama. And Wikileaks has revealed documents from Democrat and government insiders that showed that the Democrats engaged in illegal voting practices in at least PA and OH, and McCain’s campaign refused to file suit over it.