Here’s what I don’t get about Liberals

Liberals base their entire schtick on “sob stories”:
“I have diabetes, and they need to kill babies so they can find a cure for *me*!”
“I have 2 kids, and I need to be able to use birth control so I can afford to go skiing!”
“I had sex after my prom and got pregnant, and now I need an abortion so I can go to college!”
“My child was diagnosed prenatally with a genetic disorder, and I can’t *bear* the thought of seeing my child suffer, so I need to have an abortion!”
“My grandmother is dying of Alzheimer’s, and I can’t *bear* to see her suffer, so I need to pull the plug!”
“If I have to pay my own medical bills, I won’t be able to afford the latest $200 sneakers, so I need the government to pay for them!”

BUT, if a conservative tries to use the same approach
“I’m a small business owner, and your tax policies are driving me out of business.”
“I’m sick, and I want the freedom to make my own medical decisions without the government butting in.”
“I’m sick, and I want an ethical cure.”
“My grandma’s sick, and I don’t want to see her killed.”
“People keep claiming about Bush’s ‘tax cuts for the rich,’ but we’re poor, and Bush’s tax cuts helped us considerably because of the child credits.”
THEN, liberals say things like, “Nobody wants to hear your whining.”

If a liberal tries to use a sob story to promote a political cause, that person is a victim of the horrible Republicans and needs society’s sympathy.

If a conservative tries to use a sob story to promote a political cause, that person is angry and bitter and spreading venom and hatred.


8 responses to “Here’s what I don’t get about Liberals

  1. You forgot my favorite conservative sob stories.

    “I need my guns in case the government tries to establish a new world order!”
    “How am I supposed to explain to my children why two men who love each other are kissing?!”
    “I can’t feel safe knowing there’s Muslims trying to pray in peace six blocks from Ground Zero!”
    “How dare you try to insure me and show concern for my health! What is this, Europe?!”

  2. You clearly missed my point and once again prove what hypocrites liberals are.
    As for the red herrings you raise:
    1. I’m moderate on gun control and believe that the Rosary is a far more effective weapon than any gun.
    2. The New World Order has been the goal of the Freemasons for nearly 300 years, and conservatism is nothing if it isn’t an attempt to prevent the New World Order.
    3. The Founding Fathers said that the right to bear arms is the guarantor of liberty. All you’ve done is show you support totalitarianism.
    4. It’s very easy to explain that men should not kiss each other, and men who do are committing a sin.
    5. I care nothing about “Ground Zero” or where Muslims choose to build their false temples, but the notion that Muslims are at all peaceful is absurd. Islam means submission, and Mohammed was a bloodthirsty dictator.
    6. Liberals HAVE NO CONCERN ABOUT HEALTH. They just want to kill sick people. Europe has proven that socialized medicine is a FAILURE. People in Europe save up money to come to the US so they can get decent healthcare, idiot.

    • And you’ve clearly missed my point: logic is relative where politics are concerned. You’ll never understand how European health care systems consistently outrank American health care, just as I’ll never understand that because a Jewish hippie gave some impressive speeches 2,000 years ago, we all have to devote our entire lives to him. Everything you’ve listed as hard facts look just like the whining, irrational rants you see from liberals. It’s an unavoidable byproduct of living in the increasing polar political blogosphere.

      • I don’t know why you call Jesus a hippie, but it’s not what He said. It’s the fact that He rose from the dead.
        And, no, I don’t understand how European health care systems “outrank” American, because I don’t understand what ludicrous system they’re being based upon. I *do* know that every person I know from Europe came to the US precisely because we have better healthcare. I *do* know that I’m constantly seeing articles about people in Europe trying to raise money for surgeries they can’t get because of socialized medicine.

      • When liberals give up their support for Nazi eugenics policies, and their quest to kill minorities and disabled people through abortion, I’ll give up my claim that they don’t care about healthcare.

  3. I had too much fun reading your response, Gadfly! Awesome 🙂 You tell ’em!

  4. All that peace and love talk sounds pretty hippie to me. The whole fire and brimstone aspect of Christianity seems to come from the Old Testament, and even my rabbi told me not to take any of that too seriously. The US is consistently ranked last in health care among developed nations ( ). I’m guessing the articles you’re reading are from FOX “News” or The Sludge Report and that your European friends are wealthy enough to afford coming to the US. As someone who’s actually experienced European health care first-hand (in third-world Bulgaria, mind you), I can tell you that they would never deny care to someone because he didn’t have enough money. The infrastructure and equipment from the Soviet-era hospital was quite outdated, but after a week of in-stay treatment for pneumonia that included X-rays, a private room, and an ambulance ride, my girlfriend’s bill came out to about 100 US dollars (by comparison, my 10-hour stay in a US hospital for pneumonia was about $1,000). The doctors looked at me like I was crazy when I told them that neither of us had health insurance.

  5. Tina In Ashburn

    great post, John

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