And *this* is what the George-Soros funded “Occupy” Protests are all about

TI know a lot of Catholics are supporting these George Soros funded “Occupy Wall Street/etc.” Protests because they rightly oppose the worship of Mammon, but the protests are nothing more than repackaged Communism, a repeat of what happened in 1789 and 1968.  To prove it, the so-called “Occupy Rome” protestors attacked Lateran Square, and desecrated a Catholic Church, pulling a statue of our Blessed Lady into the streets and shattering it.

These people are evil.  It breaks my heart to see such evil being celebrated by the media and the political Left.

5 responses to “And *this* is what the George-Soros funded “Occupy” Protests are all about

  1. You might want to check your facts- Reuters is now claiming that the connection between George Soros and the Occupy protests was an editorial mistake:

    • Yeah, right. Ever watch _Monk_?

      • All I know for sure is that NOBODY has been able to come up with a paycheck stub for a protester signed by George Soros- or in fact, any of his six shell companies that led to this accusation to begin with. At *best*, one of his companies offered webspace and advertising to the protesters which they took.

        The occupy protest is anarchy- and as an anarchy, it needs no funding, and is into destruction of authority. The Catholic Church is the single biggest moral authority on the planet. Is it any wonder our Churches are being attacked by people who are rejecting the authority that first rejected them?

        Now I say, there is good reason why these people are acting the way they are- and if the Catholic Church failed them, it was in catechisis over the last 40 years. They should have known better than to attack the Virgin Mary. They obviously don’t understand what she means.

  2. Having said that- I would point out what Pope Leo XIII pointed out in _Rerum Novarum_ more than a hundred years ago- the cause of socialism is class warfare from the top. The socialists have the wrong solution- you can’t get rid of injustice for the poor by eliminating private property- but if there was no injustice, the socialists would have no argument to begin with.

  3. OSV had a great editorial on this topic today- about how everybody’s missing the real point behind OWS:

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