Byzantine Sheet Music!

Pittsburgh seems to be a major center of US Byzantine institutions (it’s the headquarters of the Ruthenian Byzantine Church in the US, which now calls itself the Sui Iuris American Byzantine Church or something like that; it’s where the Byzantine seminary is, etc.)  Well, it’s also home to the “Metropolitan Cantor Institute”, and they have a cool collection of PDFs of Byzantine sheet music for various liturgies and services:

4 responses to “Byzantine Sheet Music!

  1. The Latin spelling is Sui Iuris (in its own right, under its own jurisdiction), but you pronounce it as your spelling indicates if you speak English.

  2. Five days to St Elijah – the day before St Benedict, as if the patriarch of western monks were just second to Elijah.

  3. Whoops! Thanks for catching my typo!

  4. There’s a story about John Paul II writing a document shortly after he became Pope and signing his name “Joannes Paulus II”
    The Papal Latinist said, “Holy Father, there’s no ‘J’ in Latin”
    The Pope replied, “There is now.”

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