I Just Reduced Prices on My CD

When I set up my CD two years ago, I set the price and didn’t really think about it since.  I was playing around just now and realized that, after 2 years, it was time to change the price a bit and see if I get more sales.

For a limited time (limited by when I decide to raise it again), I’ve dropped the price of the _Hide Me In Your Wounds_ MP3 album to the “rock bottom rate” (which is pre-set by Amazon, though there appears to be some kind of technical problem right now).

The price of the CD has dropped from $14 to $12, which reduces my personal profit, but I want to get it out there, and I’ll certainly make more money if I make more sales. 🙂

IN any case, if you don’t know, Hide Me In Your Wounds is a collection of daily prayers and devotions . With a couple exceptions, they’re relatively short prayers and devotions, or long ones broken into smaller segments.  The idea is to give you something to pray along with in the car that’s not the Rosary–not that I have anything against the Rosary, but it’s really too long for the car.  In my own experience, either the Rosary gets interrupted when I listen to it in the car on a short trip, or else on a long trip it can be a bit sleep-inducing.

The idea behind Hide Me in Your Wounds is to have different prayers that you can listen to that, when you arrive at your destination around time, they’re over.  Or you can mix ’em with music.  I keep copies in my car, on all our phones, and on all our computers, and play them throughout my day.

The recordings are mostly of me, but I got recordings of my wife saying the Our Father and Hail Mary, and of my daughter Allie (age 7 at the time of recording) saying the same prayers, as well as the responses on the Litany of the Saints.  A lot of people say this is what makes the CD special.  A nice lady from Ireland wrote a review on Amazon saying how nice it was to have a CD that was a family praying.  At times, Allie yawns, which people have given both positive and negative feedback on, but most say that it adds to the CD by being a little lesson in perseverance, etc.

Nuns have told me it’s changed their prayer lives.  A friend uses it in her CCD classes.  Another friend says she listens to it every day on her IPad while she does her chores.  My sister-in-law, with whom I have a fairly typical sister-in-law kind of relationship, says she listens to it every day and wishes everyone had a copy.

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