A Refresher Course on my Dream Presidential Candidate

She would support:

1) Malta level laws on abortion and contraception, being passed NOW
2) End to “no fault” divorce.  Promotes covenant marriage and jail sentences for adulterers.  Supports abolishing the Dept. of Education and putting control of education and educational spending at the local level.
3) Favors maintaining and protecting but also reforming current welfare programs while eliminating “welfare for the rich,” NEA, NEH, PBS/NPR, and drastically reducing the “defense” budget to support a defensive, rather than invasive, military.  Use our troops to protect our borders and stop illegal immigration and smuggling.
4) Supports a Fair Tax, with no sales tax on food, medical expenses, rent, or second-hand items (including used cars and houses).  Contrary to claims that Sales Taxes unduly burden the poor, it would put the burden on those who engage in conspicuous consumption.
5) Favors  Supports a peace-oriented foreign policy, opposes intrinsically evil nuclear weapons, use of torture, and attacks on civilian targets.
6) Supports policies that encourage ownership of labor by the workers themselves: privatizing many functions currently performed by government workers (even if those functions are still paid for by the government through contracting), encouraging if not requiring corporations to have employee stock plans, encouraging actual home ownership as opposed to mortgages, encouraging degrees in education, medicine and practical trades.
7) Promotes alternative energy research and usage.  Promotes recycling and the use of land for actually growing food.  Eliminates federal, state and local zoning regulations and restrictive covenants that discourage gardening, alternative energy devices or hang drying clothes.
8) Promotes authentic healthcare reform, including tort reform on the one hand but also requiring loss of licenses if medical professionals reach a threshold of complaints.

4 responses to “A Refresher Course on my Dream Presidential Candidate

  1. Holding and controlling nuclear weapons provides an important deterent role. Other countries are far less willing to attack us when they know we can retaliate so quickly and thoroughly – even if we never actually do so. Nuclear weapons can also be used non-lethally as an EMP. They are not “intrinsically evil.”

    • EMPs are not non-fatal. Isn’t that the reason we’re afraid of someone using one against *us*? EMPs would kill far more people than a straight-up nuke: vehicle crashes, pacemakers and hospital equipment crashing, air conditioning failing, etc.

      Any means of warfare which targets civilians is intrinsically evil. And, a little talked about teaching of the Church is that any means of warfare which does not allow the opposition soldier a legitimate chance at self-defense is intrinsically evil.

      As for deterrence, there is only one country in the world that has ever used nuclear weapons against an enemy. There is also one country that has set off the vast majority of nuclear weapons in tests–more than all other nuclear powers combined.

  2. Find such a creature, and I can guarantee him at least 50 million votes without debate.

  3. As long as other states have nuclear weapons, the United States must maintain a credible nuclear deterrent. Anything less would be utterly irresponsible and expose the United States and its allies to serious danger. If we got rid of our nukes, South Korea, for example, would be toast. Our keeping them, even unused, keeps millions of people much, much safer than they would otherwise be.

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