Larry King and Tavis Smiley are Racists

I happened to hear a few moments of the _Tavis Smiley Show _ on PBS, in an installment where the host was “turning the tables” and having special guest Larry King interview him on his own show about his upcoming book.

Smiley was making a very good point about, as he puts it, “failing up”–turning incidents of failure into opportunities–and gave the example that our abortionist-in-chief, Barack Obama, “failed his way up” by losing some elections.  Then King notes, “Plus, he kind of won by good luck because he had a terrible opponent,” and Smiley agrees, “Yeah, he did have a terrible opponent.”

Now, of course, to start with, Obama’s opponent in the 2004 Illinois Senate race was the disgraced Jack Ryan, ex-husband of _Star Trek_ star Jeri Ryan, who resigned from both the election and political office because of a very outrageous sex scandal.   However, his actual opponent in the election was former Ambassador Alan Keyes, Ph.D., who is of course one of my personal political heroes.  Dr. Keyes started the whole “birther” movement in that election in a notorious debate moment (later suppressed by the MSM) where he pointed out that Obama did not meet the requirements for the presidency because he wasn’t a natural born citizen, and Obama said, “Yes, but that’s irrelevant because I’m not running for president.”   Keyes also famously said that Jesus would not vote for Barack Obama, and no Christian could in good conscience vote for Obama, because Obama was not just “pro-choice” but opposed Born Alive Protection, something that even Hillary Clinton and NARAL are at least “neutral” on.  Any regular reader of this blog should know all this background, but it bears repeating.

So, either Smiley and King don’t consider Keyes to have been Obama’s “real” opponent,” or else they consider Keyes a “terrible opponent.”  Why?

This gets to the reason why Keyes has never won an election.  He is labelled a “bad candidate” by the media, constantly, and the good Republicans listen to their media masters just like they do about every Republican candidate who has any convictions and doesn’t suit the needs of the liberal media.

They cannot tolerate the idea that an African American man is a pro-life, constitutional strict constructionist conservative.  Hence, they are racists.

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