Top Risk Factors for Brain Aneurysm Rupture

A study published in this week’s Stroke magazine lists the 8 top triggers of brain aneurysm rupture:

Vigorous exercise
Nose blowing (!)
Straining on the toilet
Being startled
being angry

The nose blowing one kind of surprises me, and also doesn’t surprise me, and seems an interesting parallel to the risk that coughing posts to aortic aneurysms.

The article says it’s uncertain how much anti-hypertensive drugs help to prevent brain aneurysm rupture, but I know i get my TIAs/Migraines when my blood pressure is above 130, and I know that my blood pressure meds help to keep them away.

On the day of my dissection, I was actually expecting my brain aneurysm to blow. I had a lot of the above risk factors that day (I don’t drink coffee, but I was pumping myself full of far more caffeine than usual; I think I had 3 32 oz. sweet teas and a couple Barq’s root beers). Even early in the day, my neck started throbbing badly, as did the side of my head.


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