Anyway you cut it, the “Birthers” Win: Obama is ineligible.

Dr. Alan Keyes explains it this way:

Except we find a rational explanation for his conduct, Obama’s actions must appear to be the result of some irrational and defensive pride, some insanely arrogant sense that the oath, duties, and lawful obligations of his position do not apply to him, as they have to the others who have occupied the office he claims. But we are in fairness forbidden to suspect Obama’s moral sanity unless we also question the rationality of the politicians, judges, and media personalities who joined in the campaign of lies, ridicule, and derision intended to quell public insistence that due respect be shown for requirements plainly stated in the Constitution. In addition to demeaning the status and responsibilities of American citizenship, some of these people went so far as to suggest that the Constitution can be amended de facto by simple majority vote in a general election, casting aside the procedures for amendment the Constitution establishes.

In other words, our argument has been that *anyone* who is running for president should be required to provide proof of being a natural born citizen, simply because Article 2, Section 1 of the United States Constitution requires it. Obama’s supporters, and some Republicans, think this concept is ridiculous, which shows their contempt for the Constitution.

We have been told that there’s no “long form” birth certificate, or that Hawai’i doesn’t release them, or that the “short form” “certification of live birth” previously released *was* his birth certificate. We’ve been told these various claims over the past 3 years and that they all somehow refute the “birthers.” Dr. Keyes points out the very obvious fact that the release of this alleged birth certificate on Wednesday proves, if nothing else, that Obama and his supporters have been lying!!

On Wednesday this week, after refusing the simple request for several years; after expending several million dollars in lawyer’s fees to battle anyone who dared pursue it; after vindictively engineering the court-martial and imprisonment of an honorable soldier who stood by his sworn oath to defend the Constitution of the United States — Barack Obama finally gave in and released what purports to be a copy of his full and complete birth certificate.

This constitutes incontrovertible proof that he, his media claque (including, etc.), and the gullible or cowardly politicians (Democrat and Republican alike) who repeatedly claimed that he had already done so, were lying. The people they derided and ridiculed as “birthers” were telling the truth. The Certification of Live Birth published on the Internet, which these liars repeatedly referred to as his birth certificate, was an abridged certification that omitted the vital information needed to verify that he was born on U.S. soil, and could therefore claim, jus soli, to be a citizen at birth.

Meanwhile, the document released has itself been scrutinized for inconsistencies to other published “long form” birth certificates from Hawai’i. It has actually made converts *to* the “birther” movement of people who looked at it and said, “This doesn’t look right.” People are saying, “I wasn’t a birther until I saw this document.”

The Obama document is printed on a modern kind of watermarked paper that was not used in 1961. Some argue that it’s a photocopy printed on modern paper. Fine; that makes sense–except that it doesn’t have the telltale signs of a photocopy.

The document has been compared to some published long form birth certificates, particularly those of twins born on August 5, 1961. Critics have pointed to some alleged indiscrepancies, such as differences in how the date is written, which could easily be explained away.

However, the biggest of all is that Obama was born on August 4, 1961, but the file number on the alleged birth certificate says “10641,” while the twins born the day *after* him have file numbers 10637 and 10638. He was born before they were, and his birth was allegedly registered before they were, yet the document is numbered later.

The document has, of course, been scrutinized, and self-proclaimed experts have said the typeface is different on different parts of it.

The White House released the document in PDF format, and many have pointed out that it opens into layers in Adobe Illustrator. Some have argued that any document opened in Illustrator will open into layers. Another very basic argument that’s been raised is that the text has little white areas around it–areas that would not have occurred on an original typed document but would have occurred on a scan. Liberals claim that this is a result of OCR and can be seen on any scanned document. I’ve never seen it.

The following video is by a graphic artist who exposes the “layers” and inconsistencies in the document in Illustrator:

Perhaps the most noteworthy thing he says, which anyone who’s done any document scanning or art scanning can attest to, is that ink does not scan as solid color. If you scan a signature, it will come in as grayscale. If you zoom a scanned drawing or signature, you will not see black lines. You will see lots of pixels in different shades of gray and black. On the other hand, if you sign a document *in* Acrobat or Illustrator or a pain program, you will get a solid black line. Indeed, I often use Acrobat for legal documents, and I’m sometimes told that the recipient cannot accept it because it’s obvious the document is signed on the computer–even if I’ve signed it with a digital pen.

The guy in the above video shows how some of the signatures on the alleged birth certificate, particularly that of Obama’s mother, were done by computer! You can see the difference between signed-in-pen letters and signed-on-computer letters.

Here’s part 2, in which he responds to some of the critics:

It *does* strike me as a possible explanation for the whole sudden Trump-is-a-conservative thing: did Trump suddenly declare his conservatism and try to get instant credit just to raise a stink and “force” Obama to release this obviously forged “birth certificate” to make conservatives look bad?

In a _Hardball_ debate the other day (in which Pat Buchanan admittedly does a disservice to “birthers” by sounding a bit racist), Chris Matthews expresses his view that it’s completely unnecessary for a President to provide credentials for his job, and claims that he didn’t need any credentials to get his own job!!

The problem with your reasoning, Mr. Matthews, is the Constitution doesn’t require a journalist to be a natural born citizen!!!

What’s really insulting about the _Hardball_ debate, which included Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign manager Terry McAuliffe, besides just about everything, is that McAuliffe is sitting there all smug about “birthers” when it was Hillary Clinton’s campaign that first raised Obama’s birth certificate as a legal issue!!

Every time some idiot liberal tells me that “birthers are racists,” I say, “Well, I guess Hillary Clinton and her supporters are racists.” Then you have the point that Alan Keyes was the *first* to raise the issue. I guess he’s a racist, too.

Chris Matthews has accused Obama’s opponents of being “Crackers on the Right,” yet said after Obama’s 2010 State of the Union Address, “I forgot he was black tonight.” Really, Chris? Do you think about it that much?

When I look at Barack Obama, my first thought is not, “He’s a black man” (my thought is, “There’s a horrible monster who supports legalized abortion”) but that’s apparently the first thing Chris Matthews thinks: so who’s *really* a racist, Mr. Matthews???

No, we doubt Obama’s eligibility because he’s done so much to suppress evidence of it. We doubt Obama’s eligibility because he hates America. He says our Constitution is “flawed.” His wife says she hates America. His father was not only a foreign national, but served in a foreign government. The purpose of Clause 5 of the Article 2, Section 1 of the United States Constitution, as I’ve said many times, is to prevent having a president with dual allegiance. Barack Hussein Obama II shows more interest in foreign powers and the UN (evinced by his going to war with Libya solely because the UN wanted him to) than he does in US sovereignty, as evinced by the fact that, as no less a liberal than Garry Trudeau pointed out, he was “the first US presidential candidate to campaign for president in Europe.”

Obama was raised for a good part of his childhood in Indonesia. As many have argued, this should alone invalidate him. He was adopted by an Indonesian and went by “Barry Soetoro” for much of his life.

Further, the Founding Fathers got the term “Natural Born Citizen” from the 1758 treatise known as the “Law of Nations,” which declares that a person’s “natural born citizenship” is the country of his father’s citizenship, period.

One of the reasons Obama’s supporters claim “birthers” are racists is because John McCain was born in Panama. First, McCain made no secret of that, and sought a Congressional resolution declaring him a natural born citizen. However, McCain’s parents were both US Citizens. McCain being born of US citizens on foreign soil is far more eligible for the presidency than Obama, born to a foreign father, than raised in another country by a foreign stepfather.

In any case, as I’ve also said many times, why doesn’t the “penumbral shadow” of the Constitution fall on Article 2, Section 1?

I’m sick and tired of being told that no one can object to Obama’s positions without being a racist.

I’m sick and tired of the very people who spent 8 years saying George W. Bush was illegitimate because Al Gore won the “popular vote” (again showing their complete disdain for our Constitution) now saying that it’s unAmerican to question the authority of a legitimately elected president. I’m sick of the people who complain about Bush being a “rich white guy” saying that Obama’s critics, who hardly ever mention his race, are racists.

To wit, I agree that Buchanan sounds rather racist in insisting that we want Obama’s records because of “affirmative action.” No. We want Obama’s records because most presidential candidates show these records. We’ve heard for 10+ years that George W. Bush is “stupid,” even though he proved by publishing his college transcripts that he’s actually smarter than Al Gore. We have heard for 3+ years that Barack Obama is this brilliant guy, even though the Teleprompter President can’t go off-card for 20 seconds without hemming and hawing. The guy thinks we have 57 states.

Chris Matthews tells us that Obama is “obviously” smart because “he shows it every day.” HOW?? “I read his book,” says Matthews. Yeah, so?

When being interviewed off-the-cuff by a reporter who isn’t a sell-out, Obama gets mad. When he was signing his first set of executive orders in January 2009, Obama admitted that he hadn’t read them. With the media all gathered there in the Oval Office, Obama had a lawyer standing there, to tell him what each Executive Order he signed said. He consulted the lawyer before signing them. Rush Limbaugh played the clips on his show and said, “I’ll tell you what: George W. Bush never did anything like this. You know why? Because if he had, we’d still be seeing it replayed on CNN today.”

“I have visited 57 states”:

The brilliant orator who, Chris Matthews tells us, proves every day how smart he is:

Without a teleprompter:

Obama’s funniest bloopers:

In a Memorial Day speech, he referred to a relative who fought at Auschwitz, implying that a relative was either a Nazi or Soviet soldier (he meant Dachau), but we’re talking about the prepared text here: that’s a big difference from going off the teleprompter. The same goes for a speech in the above video where he claims that the March on Selma (1965) was the inspiration for his parents’ marriage (he was born in 1961)! The guy is either completely stupid or thinks his supporters are–and they most definitely are.

Again, if it is “racism” that motivates people to post these videos of Obama quotes, then is it “racism” that motivates Democrats to make fun of gaffes by George W. Bush, Dan Quayle, Sarah Palin, etc??

Ultimately, the real “distraction” is the kinds of arguments used by liberals. The college records aren’t important because of “affirmative action” or because of whether he’s “smart enough to be president. The college records are important because some people claim he studied on foreign student scholarships. Obama claimed joint citizenship with the US and Indonesia–which should be enough to say he’s not a “natural born citizen”–and the issue is whether he used his Indonesian citizenship after age 18.

As for the birth certificate, I think they took a legitimate copy of a legitimate document and forged it to make it look like an “original.”


4 responses to “Anyway you cut it, the “Birthers” Win: Obama is ineligible.

  1. Has NOT made a birther out of me and here is why:
    The one set of fields that has NOT been tampered with are the ones that are about constitutional eligibility.

    What it has made me is a Republican. This is MORE INCOMPETANT than watergate!

  2. I’ve been thinking about it, and here’s what I think they did. I’ve been trying to figure out since the beginning what they meant by a “long form” and “short form,” and, having examined it, the “long form” is really the “application” for a birth certificate. Both the original “certification of live birth” and the alleged Kenyan birth certificate were criticized for being photocopies that could have easily been forged. So I think they took a copy or microfiche or something and edited it to make it look “original.”

    Again, the far more salient facts are, as they have always been, that his father was a foreigner, his stepfather was a foreigner, and he claimed dual citizenship with the US and Indonesia for most of his young life. That’s why the college records are far more important: to find out whether he studied on foreign student scholarships.

  3. Obama is ineligible for possibly 3 reasons, birthplace, he says Hawaii,
    1. UNPROVEN up to this point, the recent release of the BC is an outright forgery and borders on HOAX it is so badly done. It shows it was cobbled together on a computer and is NOT a single scan document from a 1961 long form BC. To prove this to yourself if you dont wish to believe the dozens of photoshop experts who also make the claim of it being a forgery, do this:
    Open the document from in photoshop, compare the letter “B” in Obama’s name at the top, and the letter “B” in Obama’s fathers name midway down in the document, magnification will show these two letter B’s to be IDENTICAL! This is impossible had this document been scanned from a 1961 typewriter created document. This alone idicates a forgery, not to mention the 9 layers that shouldnt be there (again tampering).
    2. Obama’s dual citizenship in Indonesia, you cannot be a natural born citizen and a Dual Citizen of a foreign country as per constitution.
    3 Obama’s use of a social security number never having been assigned to him, this is FRAUD and possibly identity theft, a felony and impeachable.
    and 4. for good measure Obama’s selective service documents are fraudulent and have been forged in 1981 , he either failed to register, and was (fixed) by someone in the state dept, either way, a a fraud and felony, INELIGIBLE.
    Additionally, IF Obama traveled to Pakistan in 81 on an Indonesian Passport, then he had to have given up his American Citizenship, and this is the most crucial of all, he may indeed be currently Illegal Alien status. Folks, if our Constitution DOESNT MATTER as many Liberals maintain, then lets have quadaffi’s son come on over an run on the democratic ticket ? Sounds crazy right? But from a technical standpoint regarding “Constitutional Eligibility” what we have now by all accounts isnt far from that reality.

    • I scanned a document into PDF tonight and, interestingly enough, the letters didn’t have white auras around them.

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