Planned Parenthood and government bankruptcy or your social security check?

Dear Readers of the General Public,

In the current budget battle between the newly appointed Tea Party caucus of the Republican Party in the House and Senate on the one side and the Democratic Old Guard on the other, one of the main weapons each side has to try and beat the other with is a government shutdown. Now, in principle, a federal government shutdown is a great thing from a conservative perspective, but everyone knows it’s politically very risky. A government shutdown means no Medicaid, Medicare or Social Security checks will be issued during that time. It *does* mean that the Congresshumans will make sure they themselves collect paychecks.

If the Democrats win the budget battle, it means that a government that is currently spending 8 times its revenue (and remember that the government’s “revenue” is our money in taxes) PER MONTH will keep spending that much, if not more, and go bankrupt. It means that, while our government veers towards bankruptcy and funds our entire country on loans from China and the Middle East, much of that money will go to line the pockets of Planned Parenthood, which as Abby Johnson has exposed in her book _UnPlanned_, only operates as a “non-profit” so it doesn’t have to pay taxes. Planned Parenthood is a business, and its business is abortions.

Planned Parenthood makes a great deal of money from government “grants” which supposedly go towards education and “health services.” One such service commonly cited is mammograms. Well, Abby Johnson (who, if you don’t know, is a former Planned Parenthood clinic director who converted last year in the middle of a 40 Days for Life prayer vigil) has stated firmly that Planned Parenthood does not do or refer mammograms as is commonly cited in justifying their grants from the government and the Komen Foundation. Live Action (in a “sting operation” which, unlike some of their others, didn’t require lying), had women calling Planned Parenthood operations around the country, asking to set up appointments for mammograms, and the women were told, “We don’t do that.” Yet Barbara Boxer insisted on the Senate floor, in spite of these revelations, that Planned Parenthood does mammograms. That’s not even getting into “sex education programs” that are little more than pornography for elementary school students.

We’re told Planned Parenthood “does” adoptions. When different Catholic Charities operations have been called to task for involvement with Planned Parenthood, they’ve insisted it’s because Catholic Charities only does adoption referrals, and Planned Parenthood does adoptions. Nope. Wrong. Planned Parenthood only does referrals, not adoptions, and its ratio of adoptions to abortions is something like 1:200. The number of adoption *REFERRALS* Planned Parenthood does is less than 1% of the number of abortions it performs on site. Let’s not forget that those abortions aren’t free, and it’s making a profit on every one. Let’s not forget that abortion, the most common “medical procedure” in the country, is not performed like other “medical procedures.” The women are corralled into a big room like cattle, given the chemicals, and then sit there and wait for the body parts to come out.

This is what your tax dollars are going to fund, while our economy tanks and our government goes bankrupt.

This is what the Demonocrats in the Senate say they’re willing to shut the government down–and take away your Social Security check–to protect. It is far more important to them to kill babies than to provide any of the services and economic “safety nets” that are supposedly so important to liberals.


5 responses to “Planned Parenthood and government bankruptcy or your social security check?

  1. Luckily- when social security checks stop, so will Title X dollars as far as I know.

    So it’s time. Time for Catholic Orders to step up and take up the slack. Let’s have a government shutdown, a complete government shutdown on the federal level, and lets get our orders out of contemplative mode and step up to take care of the disabled, the elderly, the sick, and the unemployed. Let’s show the world we don’t need government dollars to do charity!

  2. Darn- we’re both wrong: The Obama Administration has pledged that medicare- including Title X- and Social Security will keep flowing:

  3. Person that wrote this must be very stupid.

    • I considered just deleting your comment, especially since I forbid anonymous posting, but if you’re so intelligent, I’d like you to back up your post with actual evidence that I’m wrong.

    • It is quite Orwellian of you to accuse me of stupidity for pointing out the blatant “Emperor Has No Clothes” truth of this whole mess.

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