Hour of Mercy: Psalm 32 (Grail)

1 Happy the man whose offense is forgiven,
whose sin is remitted.
2 O happy the man to whom the Lord
imputes no guilt,
in whose spirit is no guile.

3 I kept it secret and my frame was wasted.
I groaned all day long,
4 for night and day your hand was heavy upon me.
Indeed my strength was dried up
as by the summer’s heat.

5 But now I have acknowledged my sins;
my guilt I did not hide.
I said: “I will confess
my offense to the Lord.”
And you, Lord, have forgiven
the guilt of my sin.

6 So let every good man pray to you
in the time of need.
The floods of water may reach high
but him they shall not reach.
7 You are my hiding place, O Lord;
you save me from distress.
(You surround me with cries of deliverance.)

* * *

8 I will instruct you and teach you
the way you should go;
I will give you counsel
with my eye upon you.

9 Be not like horse and mule, unintelligent,
needing bridle and bit
else they will not approach you.
10 Many sorrows has the wicked
but he who trusts in the Lord,
loving mercy surrounds him.

* * *

11 Rejoice, rejoice in the Lord,
exult, you just!
O come, ring out your joy,
all you upright of heart.

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