Beware of Donald Trump

I’m too tired to document what I’ve got so far, so I’m just working in prophet mode here, but
a) There are rumblings that Donald Trump my run for President in 2012 as a Republican (he recently switched back to the GOP for the first time since 1999).
b) Recently, after a lifetime of being an outspoken liberal on every social issue (and demonstrating it in his personal life), Trump has suddenly announced his conversion to being pro-life and pro-family at CPAC, on _The Laura Ingraham Show_, and elsewhere. Yeah, right. We’ve heard that before from the Bushes and from Romney.
c) I read an alleged interview (this is the thing I’m particularly not up to documenting right now) with an unnamed White House “insider” who insisted that Trump is the only possible contender who has a chance of beating Obama in 2012, and something about the whole interview felt fishy to me.

Here’s why not to trust him:
a) He’s only claiming to be pro-life because he knows it’s the only way to get the GOP nomination.
b) He’s an ex-Catholic (I don’t know if I ever knew Trump was Catholic at all, but apparently he started out that way and, after his however-many divorces, he was last “remarried” in an Episcopal “church”), therefore apostate.

Here’s why really not to trust him:
He may not be a political insider, but he’s definitely part of the elite in this country, and in their back-and-forth control of the presidency, TPTB may want a safe “back up” to Obama in 2012. They may realize it’s already time for another Republican. I thought Dubya was the GOP’s Millard Fillmore, but Trump could be the perfect guy to fill that role. He’s the embodiment of the Rockefeller Republican (in every sense of what Rockefeller means), and I’m sure he’d be no enemy to the NWO.

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