A friend’s Proposal to fix abortion, Social Security and Immigration in one step

Now, I consider illegal immigration a complicated issue.  I tend to be a Buchananite on most issues, including this one, although I understand certain reasons on the other side, particularly regarding the US’s unjust policy regarding refugee status.  I also understand the arguments about not breaking up families.  I believe that the worst thing about illegal immigration is how it hurts the efforts of those who have tried so hard to get into this country the right way, and, as John Paul II pointed out, illegal immigrants often come through the very channels through which drugs and guns are smuggled into the country as well.  I’ve said many times that I think so-called “amnesty” is like giving known plagiarists the right to graduate.

That said, my friend Ted Seeber, following up on Rick Santorum’s recent comments, has made an interesting proposal to fix Social Security, since the main problem with Social Security is that we’ve killed off our work force, and the system assumes population growth.

  • Theodore M. Seeber Step 1. Make FICA a flat tax on all earnings, with no cap. 

    9 hours ago ·

    Theodore M. Seeber Step 2. Raise retirement age for non-disability payments to 88. 

    9 hours ago ·

    Theodore M. Seeber Step 3. Make abortion illegal. 

    9 hours ago ·

    Theodore M. Seeber Step 4. Issue 12 million green cards for illegal aliens already living here, and 42 million green cards for new immigrants, to replace our working age population murdered by abortion. 

    9 hours ago ·

Justice basically involves doing evil to correct a worse evil.   It is normally evil to imprison another person, but not if the person is a criminal.  It is normally evil to take money from another person, but social justice involves taxing the rich to give money to the poor because the economic system is inherently flawed.

It has never occurred to me to link abortion to the immigration debate in the sense of filling the gaps left in our society by abortion kind of makes sense.  Forgiving the debt of illegal immigrants against society would, of course, be an act of mercy, and it would both replenish our population and work force as well as make some spiritual amends.  Of course, Ted’s not even talking about citizenship, just green cards.

I’m not so sure about the raising the retirement age to 88 part.  That would only work if they widened the standards for disability, and that will create a whole other mess.  However, people forget that, at the time Social Security was established, 65 was basically the average life expectancy.  It was never intended to be something a person lived on for years and years, but emergency coverage for a person who lived an extremely long life and had no other support.


One response to “A friend’s Proposal to fix abortion, Social Security and Immigration in one step

  1. Ok, this is the point where I need to show my math. This came from a suggestion from the extreme pro-life movement that Sen Rick Santorum recently repeated. I first became aware of Sen Santorum as a part of the immigration reform debate as a strict anti-amnesty activist, which is what gave me the idea to link the Social Security Problem to the Abortion Issue to Immigration.

    According to the Guttmacher Institute, which is certainly no pro-life organization, 54 million abortions have taken place in the United States since 1973. According to Rick Santorum, the real problem with Social Security is that those 54 million people should be alive, earning money, and paying FICA.

    We already have 12 million workers here in the United States, working for cash, not paying FICA- who instantly would if we’d just offer them a permanent visa to stay and a work permit (Green Card, though they haven’t been green since the 1950s). Likewise, every year the third world generates another 80 million who would love to come to the United States, it shouldn’t be that hard to find the remaining 42 million workers in that number.

    Original average life expectancy when SS came in was 64- and they set the retirement age at 65 so that there would *always* be more workers paying in than retired people drawing. Well, we’ve got the baby boomer bump now, and the average life expectancy of an American is now 87, thus retirement age should be 88- and the majority of baby boomers should die before they draw retirement.

    As John said (this will be crossposted between facebook and his blog), disability is another matter. But the current six month waiting period is pretty good. I think we need more from SSA working with other agencies to put disabled people to work in appropriate jobs. They’re still human beings and deserve the dignity of work.

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