How many “Spirit of Vatican II” Catholics does it take to change a light bulb?

Someone on FB asked, “How many Trads does it take to change a light bulb?”
Punchline was, “Change?!”
I responded with the following:

Over at the FSSP parish, when a lightbulb needs changed, the pastor says, “change it,” and it gets done. Over at St. Kumbaya Catholic Faith Community, the parish council has to meet to deliberate about whether to change the lightbulb, spending 2 monthly meetings arguing about making sure the process of changing the lightbulb isn’t offensive to women, minorities or non-Catholics and debating about whether it’s appropriate to employ migrant workers to change said lightbulb. Then they debate about whether the money should come from a special collection or the parish bazaar.  After two or three monthly meetings, they draft a 3-page position paper about the paradigms and hermeneutics of lightbulb changing, then decide they should leave it up to the finance council. The finance council says it’s up to the liturgy committee, since the lightbulb is in the choir loft. The liturgy committee meets and says the parish council should make the decision. Meanwhile the business-suit wearing nun who functions as “pastoral associate” takes it upon herself to replace the choir loft lightbulb with a disco ball. When parishioners express outrage at this to the pastor, he claims it was a decision by the parish council, who in turn blame the finance committee, who in turn blame the liturgy committee, who in turn blame the parish council.

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