Fantastic testimony of a man whose wife’s a Marfan

Andrew Sullivan relays a very moving, anonymous testimony from a man whose wife has Marfan syndrome.

I’m glad he doesn’t name which “Specialist” at Hopkins tried to force his wife to have an abortion.

I’m already disgusted enough they’re doing ESCR, but this is a case where remote material cooperation is justified, since they’re the only game in town.

I wasn’t 100% sure where he was going till the end.

I’m also glad that Georgetown came out the good guys in this one.

The tough decision was not at Johns Hopkins, where we ignored (foolishly ignored, you could say) this cold research professional with his certitude that pregnancy = death.  The tough decision was at Georgetown, in the few minutes while we were waiting for the MRI results to confirm the aortic dissection and set the wild night of surgeries into motion.  My wife and I discussed what to do if there were complications during the C-Section and it came down to saving her or saving our newborn son.
Our son is now 16, and my wife is fine. So is our daughter, age 21.

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