“You look like you’ve been clawed by a lion” (originally published 6/4/09

Here are some pointers from an article on what to do about stretch marks/stria:

Soothe the skin. There are a number of creams and oils containing various ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acid, cocoa butter, vitamin E and plant extracts that may help get rid of stretch marks. While their efficacy may vary from person to person, and the products are sometimes costly, their use is probably not harmful. Check with your doctor to see if they may be worth trying in your situation.
Medicate. Your doctor may prescribe a topical retinoid cream to help remove stretch marks. Sometimes topical steroids may be used in combination with other creams or ointments.
See a dermatologist. Skin treatments such as laser therapy, microdermabrasion and chemical peels can help, especially if the stretch marks are relatively new.


4 responses to ““You look like you’ve been clawed by a lion” (originally published 6/4/09

  1. Wear a one-piece bathing suit.

  2. John C. Hathaway

    Well, technically, I do wear a "one piece" bathing suit, but not the kind you mean 🙂

    Though that doesn't solve the problem of looking at myself.

    I used to swim in a T-shirt, but now I try to show a little more confidence in my body for Allie's sake.

    After Allie was born, Mary "complained" that she couldn't complain about her stretch marks because mine are so much worse.

  3. You were talking about YOU?! Oh, my. Well, I wouldn't sweat it. You're a temple of the Holy Spirit, right? Beautiful!

  4. John C. Hathaway

    Yeah. They're one of the major outward signs of Marfan syndrome. They appeared during puberty. I included it in the title, but meant to introduce with the story of when they had gotten really prominent, and my cardiologist walked in for my check up and said, "You look like you've been clawed by a lion!"
    Upper arms, shoulders, abdomen, hips. . . .
    After my surgery, though, they paled in comparison to the scars.

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