B16 decries Liberation Theology as “deceitful”

I may have posted this before, but here’s a link to an article about a 2009 speech in which His Holiness Benedict XVI, Pope of Rome, condemned liberation theology as “deceitful” and promoting “rebellion, division, dissent, offense, anarchy”.


One response to “B16 decries Liberation Theology as “deceitful”

  1. I’m *VERY* liberal, but I completely agree with the Pope on this. Liberation Theology, with it’s emphasis on separating people into classes and raising the working class above everybody else, is just Marxism in disguise; instead of following Rerum Novarum as it claims, it’s really against Rerum Novarum in that encyclical’s most important point: Solidarity between the classes of society.

    One cannot have social justice when still separating society into owners, workers, illegal immigrants, and so on. It is the elimination of classes that Rerum Novarum sought as the solution, not the raising up of a single class.

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