Stupid Medical Professional Comments – January 2011

Last month, I took a trip to the ER with a really severe TIA that I was worried might be an outright stroke. Called an ambulance, even.

Well, the woman in the ambulance asked if I was on illegal narcotics because my pupils were constricted. I said, “I am on prescription narcotics, but I haven’t taken anything in a day or two, and the last couple times I went to the ophthalmologist, they had a hard time dilating my pupils. I used to have to dilate every day, so I guess that screwed up the irises.”

OK, asking once made sense, but she kept bringing it up, all the way to the hospital. (One thing emergency workers have a hard time with is patients who are in severe pain but “with it”–it’s a common issue with Marfans.) Apparently this lady thought I was just an addict seeking a fix because I was so “with it.”

Anyway, I was doing some reading the other night, and it turns out that constricted pupils are a sign of stroke.

Thankfully, an annoying EMT was the worst I had to deal with, and the actual treatment I got at the hospital was fantastic.

I just find it kind of ironic.

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