You’re an evil man, Sean Hannity

I don’t know why I didn’t see this coming:
Sean Hannity is using Fr. Thomas Euteneuer’s crisis to his own advantage, and making uncharitable insinuations about Fr. Euteneuer.

FOX News may be “conservtive,” but it is about as anti-Catholic as MTV or Comedy Central, though I doubt we’ll hear Bill Donohue saying anything about it. Let’s not forget Rod Dreher’s 2002 conversation with a FOX correspondent: Dreher had expected FOX to tell the truth about the priest scandal, yet the FOX correspondent told him they had it from the highest levels of NewsCorp not to say anything about the abusing priests being homosexual. Most recently, the broadcast FOX network gave a daytime talk show to “Fr.” Alberto Cutie.

Here’s my response:

Dear Mr. Hannity,
You are not just a bad Catholic and a heretic, you are a twisted little pervert. You promote contraception and fornication yet call yourself “pro-life.” You promote violence and yet call yourself “pro-life.” You call yourself a Catholic and a conservative yet work for a network that promotes anti-Catholcism left and right (just look at your anti-Catholic colleagues Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter, and FOX’s recent decision to give a talk show to “Father” Alberto Cutie).

How dare you use Fr. Euteneuer’s crisis to justify your own sick positions? Everyone with a brain should realize that contraception is the source of all our society’s problems, as both Popes John XXIII and Paul VI predicted it would be. Any Catholic who has read his Bible should know that contraception is an abomination unto God, and anyone who claims to be pro-life should realize that contraception and abortion are inextricably linked.

You should be ashamed of yourself. Fr. Euteneuer committed a sin. He repented of it, and he realized that his celebrity status was getting to his head, so he stepped down from his position at HLI and out of the public eye.

But rather than looking at his example of humility and repentance as one to follow, you’d rather gloat and celebrate your own heretical views.

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