A Day that will live in Infamy

One of the most powerful pro-life talks I’ve ever attended was given by Dr. John Bruchalski of the Tepeyac Clinic, several years ago at adult education night at St. William of York in Stafford, VA. He shared a lot of the “inside scoop” as a medical professional, a revert who used to work in the clinic that pioneered in vitro fertilization in the US. I’ve discussed some of these before, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat.

Some of the key points:

1. There will never be a male contraceptive on the market. Whenever they test a male contraceptive pill, the test subjects did not like what it did to them, how shall we say, aesthetically. The estrogen pill doubles a woman’s risk of stroke or heart attack and increases the risk of various cancers. Any other drug with the estrogen pill’s side effects would be pulled from the market. Double standard, anyone?

2. When conception occurs, the newly formed embryo sends out an electrical impulse to tell the mother’s brain, “Hey! I’m here!” It is possible to detect pregnancy within moments of fertilization, since there are *immediate* changes to the mother’s biochemistry. When conception occurs in a petri dish, there is a visible flash of light. He says that, back when he worked at the IVF lab, they used to watch and wait for that flash of light, and they would cheer.

3. On January 22, 1973, he came home from school and found his father dressed in his funeral clothes. He asked him who died, and his father said, “I am in mourning for America, because today America legalized abortion.”

6 responses to “A Day that will live in Infamy

  1. I had no idea about the visible flash of light! That’s, literally, AWESOME!

  2. Hi, do you have any more information about the visible flash of light phenomenon? I just emailed Dr. John Bruchalski of the Tepeyac clinic and he was very friendly and helpful, but he said has never seen a flash of light at conception.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  3. Very strange. I heard him talk about it at a talk he gave on Sunday evening at St. William of York in Stafford, VA, ca. 2004-2005. Maybe there’s a question of semantics at work here: did *he* see it or did others see it? “Flash of light” or electrical discharge? I dunno.

  4. Where the evidence for this”flash of light”?

    • 1) I’m going to assume that you double-posted because you realized that the profanity you used in your first reply was one of the reasons I use comment moderation, and I thank you for that.
      2) It fascinates me how people have focused on that detail, which I note is something I heard in a lecture from one of the world’s leading embryologists.
      Here’s a video that shows it, that I found on a link from someone who independently cites Dr. Bruchalski:

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