Daily Archives: January 9, 2011

Hey, atheists! Think there’s no evidence of miracles? Think prayers aren’t answered?

Two interesting phone conversations:

1. We have a very good friend, Jen Fitz. Her husband is a very hard working man, and he attends an evangelical faith community, so we do not know him as well as we know Jen, but he’s a great guy. If Jen had told me this, it would be one thing. However, *Jon* Fitz told me on the phone that he woke up early last Sunday morning, jumped up, and had an inspiration to pray for me, specifically.

A little later, they got up, and when his wife checked the computer, she had Mary’s e-mail about my aortic dissection (and my arterial bypass surgery which was going on at that point).

2. This evening, my best friend called me and talked to me for the first time extensively about my experiences of the past week (and his–the fact that we are best friends is indicated that even with what I’ve been through, he still knows he can talk to me about his own frustrations).

Anyway, he said that sometime recently he began praying specifically for Mary’s and my extended families, that we could heal some of our longtime wounds and that our families would be more active in helping us with our needs. He told me this after I’d shared to him both the wonderful Christmas visits we had with both sides of the family and the wonderful outreach that various family members have made this past week.