When the River Meets the Sea

From Jim Henson’s Funeral:

I don’t know their names, but I can tell from the voices these are the original performers from _Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas_.

2 responses to “When the River Meets the Sea

  1. Some years ago, I bought the John Denver/Muppets Christmas album. It has this song on it and it almost always makes me quite tender. Don’t know much of the origin of the song … but it sounds appropriate at a Jim Henson memorial ceremony.

    • Thanks, Deacon Tom. Yep, that album has been a perennial favorite in my family since I was 7.
      The song was written by Paul Williams for _Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas_, the first Muppet Christmas special and also the first Muppet special to ues “realistic” type sets, paving the way for _The Muppet Movie_. It’s a variant on the _Gift of the Magi_ archetype . Then the song was reused in the John Denver special (and the ensuing album), with “Robin “singing it, since the same guy who did “Robin” did Emmett Otter (and later Gobo Fraggle)

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