Why wasn’t this talked about before it passed?

So, Obama has now unconstitutionally usurped control over what our kids eat.
If you have your kid in a school that takes federal money, the federal government now has the power to dictate what your kids eat before, during and after school and on vacations.

What country are we living in?

Does anyone care anymore?


2 responses to “Why wasn’t this talked about before it passed?

  1. I’d point out, before you get all libertarian conspiracy theory on this, that it *ONLY* applies to the wildly successful school feeding programs for the poor. It does NOT apply to meals served at home at all!

    My question, or rather two questions, are:
    1. Does this have a local option for in-season fruits and vegetables grown either at the school, or at farms within 50 miles?
    2. Why the hell were they allowed to go off the USDA program to begin with? My wife has to follow those nutrition guidelines if she wants reimbursement for meals served at her day-care; why were schools able to subvert the program and still get federal tax money for nutritionally unbalanced meals?

  2. From what I’ve read, it authorizes schools receiving federal money to investigate what parents are feeding kids.

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