“Keep Christ in Christmas” “Support our Troops”: HUH?? What happened to “Peace on Earth”??

Tried to go to a Christmas Festival in Augusta sponsored by the Alleluia Community. Was expecting some nice parish shindig, but it was actually this huge deal with half the downtown cordoned off, cops everywhere, a parade, etc.

I was worried about the crowed, and the drums were hurting my valve. Gianna said, “I’m scared; let’s go home.” Then Joe said, “Me, too.” So we went to the Mall to see “Santa” instead.

Anyway, as we were parking, a “Christmas train” was leaving for the parade (gussied up truck with a trailer). It had “Keep Christ in Christmas” on the front, and “support our troops” on the back.
Plus, the loud marching bands. And ROTC people walking around in military uniforms, carrying fake guns, and everything in me said, “What does this have to do with Christmas? Whatever happened to ‘Peace on earth to men of goodwill’??”

Why have we gone so terribly wrong?

How is all this honoring the One Who said, “My name is Mercy”?

You know, Communism may be the AntiChrist, but Neoconservatism is the False Prophet.


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