What’s the big deal?

So, apparently people are stunned by the way Wheel of Fortune contestant Caitlin Burke solved a 27-letter, 7 word puzzle with just one letter, but it’s actually quite simple.

Now, her accomplishment is laudable, but it’s really just a matter of logic.

I haven’t even watched the video. I only had to see the following picture to solve it myself:

Here’s what she had on the board:
_’__ ___ _ ____ ___L___ _____ ____
The “L” is not important because of where it appears but because of where it *doesn’t” appear.
The contraction at the beginning *has* to start with “I”.
So it’s either “I’ll” or “I’ve.”
Since the “L” is used, it has to be “I’ve”.
So, three letter word after “I’ve.” Obviously, “got.” Then the next is obviously “a”
“I’ve got a” what?
Four letter word then three-L-three
This is where what she did was really impressive, getting it under pressure, since it’s the kind of thing people have a hard time doing all the time in the final round:
She could have stumbled around “feeling” for some time, but it is the only word that logically fits.
Then “good” before it is logical, and “about” and “this” follow suit by the mere number of letters.


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