Your Mom Chose Life! Why don’t you?


7 responses to “Your Mom Chose Life! Why don’t you?

  1. Yes, my mother CHOSE life. You, on the other hand, want to FORCE women into giving birth to every single child they ever become pregnant with. How can you possibly think that’s okay? Do you have no respect for women at all?

  2. You have no respect for women.
    You also have no respect for unborn women, who are human beings entitled to just as many rights as those who are born.

  3. Babies aren’t just toys you can throw away when they’re inconvenient.
    Sex isn’t some trivial act that can be performed for random pleasure.

  4. I am so [censored] my mother chose life

    • Such an unfortunate attitude you have. You are a precious child of God, Who loves you with the infinite love of an infinite being. Yes, this sojourn on earth has trials, but those trials are meant to teach us humility and love, and to help us escape from self-love. The ultimate in pride and self-love is to despair, to say that you judge yourself unworthy of life. I certainly hope your comment is rhetorical.

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