Three Puzzling things about Sinead O’Connor

For some reason, Sinead O’Connor is in the news again.

A few thoughts:
1. She sure has a lot of bitterness and anger for someone who’s supposedly so liberal. Aren’t liberals supposed to be all about peace and forgiveness?
2. She sure cusses a lot for someone who’s supposedly such a devout and holy person.
3. Every article I see about her mentions as evidence that she’s not anti-Catholic the fact that she was “ordained” by a schismatic priest.

Yet I never see an article that says, “O’Connor is a priest in the Old Catholic Church” or “O’Connor is pastoress of St. Margaret Sanger Schismatic Catholic Church.” I just see references to that one event. If it was really more than just a publicity stunt, why no present tense references?

Indeed, while most churches with authentic apostolic succession recognize that ordination is an impediment to marriage, “Father” O’Connor recently got married–surprisingly, to a man–in a pagan ceremony.

Go figure.

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