Let’s hear it for Kathleen Folden

She’s a 56-year-old truck driver who’s facing felony charges for destroying a piece of blasphemous trash pretending to be art in Loveland, CO.

Typical of the media, while the woman was doing it to honor Jesus, the headline reads, “Woman Went After Jesus With a Crowbar.”

“Romantic Cannibals” was a 12-panel lithograph that depicted Jesus involved involved a sex act and it also included comic book characters, Mexican pornography, Mayan symbols and ethnic stereotypes. It ws part of an 82-print exhibit by 10 artists that opened in mid-September and was scheduled to run through late last month.

And why hadn’t someone stepped up to destroy it sooner? Why would anyone with an ounce of taste or education, regardless of religion, consider this “art”?

“There’s been a lot of emotion in the last couple of weeks and I wish that people would think about the consequences of what they do,” gallery director Susan Ison said.

Yes, Ms. Ison, and maybe *YOU* should think about the consequences of what you do. Typical liberals: “We can say whatever we want and offend whomever we want, and you conservatives and Christians just shut up!”

Ison said Wednesday’s incident was a senseless act of violence.

It’s a painting!!!! The exhibit was senseless!

Now, the “artist” speaks:

Chagoya told CBS4 by phone he was upset to learn the news that his art had been attacked. He says his work is a critique of corruption in religious institutions, not people’s beliefs.

“I don’t expect people to agree with me but let’s have a civil discussion, you know. I’ve been getting a lot of hate mail that doesn’t have any logical discussion behind it,” Chagoya said.

Yeah, he depicts Jesus like that and wants us to believe it’s not an insult to our beliefs? Would he depict Mohammed that way?

And civil discussion? How is making offensive, perverted trash and calling it art engaging in civil discussoin?

No logic? How would Chagoya like it if someone did a work of “art” in which he or someone he loves is displayed so offensively?

They’re talking like someone was hurt in this–the only person hurt was Folden herself.

These people care more about this so-called work of art than they care about unborn babies.


One response to “Let’s hear it for Kathleen Folden

  1. Randall Jennings

    I wonder why they are *offended* by Kathleen’s ‘self-expression?’ Maybe its her own form of ‘performance art.’

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