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“Pro-Choice”? That’s easy for you to say . . .

St. Louis de Montfort on Benefits of the Rosary

To encourage you still more in this devotion practiced by so many holy people, I should like to add that the Rosary recited with the meditation of the mysteries brings about the following marvelous results:

  1. It gradually brings us a perfect knowledge of Jesus Christ;
  2. It purifies our souls from sin;
  3. It gives us victory over all our enemies;
  4. It makes the practice of virtue easy’
  5. It sets us on fire with the love of our Lord;
  6. It enriches us with graces and merits;
  7. It supplies us with what is needed to pay all our debts to God and to our fellowmen, and finally, it obtains all kinds of graces from God.

The knowledge of Jesus Christ is the science of Christians and the science of salvation; it surpasses, says Saint Paul, all human sciences in value and perfection:

  1. Because of the dignity of its object, which is a God-man, compared to whom the whole universe is but a drop of dew or a grain of sand;
  2. Because of its utility to us; human sciences only fill us with the wind and emptiness of pride;
  3. Because of its necessity; for no one can be saved without the knowledge of Jesus Christ, while a person who knows absolutely nothing of any other science will be saved as long as he is enlightened by the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Blessed is the Rosary which gives us this science and knowledge of our Blessed Lord through our meditations on his life, death, passion and glory.

The Queen of Sheba, lost in admiration at Solomon’s wisdom, cried out, “Blessed are your attendants and your servants who are always in your presence and hear your wisdom.” But happier still are the faithful who carefully meditate on the life, virtues, sufferings and glory of our Savior, because by this means they can gain perfect knowledge of him, in which eternal life consists.

Our Lady revealed to Blessed Alan that no sooner had Saint Dominic begun preaching the Rosary than hardened sinners were touched and wept bitterly over their grievous sins. Young children performed unbelievable penances, and everywhere he preached the Rosary such fervor was aroused that sinners changed their lives and edified everyone by their penances and the amendment of their lives.

If by chance your conscience is burdened with sin, take your Rosary and say at least a part of it in honor of some of the mysteries of the life, passion, and glory of Jesus Christ, and you can be sure that, while you are meditating on these mysteries and honoring them, he will show his sacred wounds to his father in heaven. He will plead for you and obtain for you contrition and the forgiveness of your sins. One day our Lord said to Blessed Alan, “If only these poor wretched sinners would say my Rosary often, they would share in the merits of my passion, and I would be their Advocate and would appease the justice of God.”

This life is a continual war and a series of temptations; we do not have to contend with enemies of flesh and blood, but with the very powers of hell. What better weapon could we possibly use to combat them than the prayer which our great Leader has taught us, than the Angelic Salutation which has put devils to flight, destroyed sin and renewed the world? What better weapon could we use than the meditation on the life and passion of Jesus Christ? For, as Saint Peter tells us, it is with this thought that we must arm ourselves, in order to defend ourselves against the very same enemies whom he has conquered and who molest us every day.

“Ever since the devil was crushed by the humility and the passion of Jesus Christ,” says Cardinal Hughes, “he has been practically unable to attack a soul that is armed with the meditation on the mysteries of our Lord’s life, and, if he does trouble such a soul, he is sure to be shamefully defeated.” “Put on the armor of God so as to be able to resist the attacks of the devil.”

So arm yourself with the arms of God, with the holy Rosary, and you will crush the devil’s head and stand firm in the face of all his temptations. This is why even a pair of rosary beads is so terrible to the devil, and why the saints have used them to fetter him and drive him from the bodies of those who were possessed. Such happenings have been recorded more than once.

Blessed Alan relates that a man he knew had tried desperately all kinds of devotions to rid himself of the evil spirit which possessed him, but without success. Finally, he thought of wearing his rosary round his neck, which eased him considerably. He discovered that whenever he took it off the devil tormented him cruelly, so he resolved to wear it night and day. This drove the evil spirit away forever because he could not bear such a terrible chain. Blessed Alan also testifies that he delivered a great number of those who were possessed by putting a rosary around their necks.

Father Jean Amat, of the Order of St. Dominic, was giving a series of Lenten sermons in the Kingdom of Aragon one year, when a young girl was brought to him who was possessed by the devil. After he had exorcised her several times without success, he put his rosary round her neck. Hardly had he done so when the girl began to scream and cry out in a fearful way, shrieking, “Take it off, take it off; these beads are tormenting me.” At last, the priest, filled with pity for the girl, took his rosary off her.

The very next night, when Fr. Amat was in bed, the same devils who had possession of the girl came to him, foaming with rage and tried to seize him. But he had his rosary clasped in his hand and no efforts of theirs could wrench it from him. He beat them with it very well indeed and put them to flight, crying out, “Holy Mary, Our Lady of the Rosary, come to my help.”

The next day on his way to the church, he met the poor girl, still possessed; one of the devils within her started to jeer at him, saying, “Well, brother, if you had been without your rosary, we should have made short shrift of you.” Then the good Father threw his rosary round the girl’s neck without more ado, saying, “By the sacred names of Jesus and Mary his holy Mother, and by the power of the holy Rosary, I command you, evil spirits, to leave the body of this girl at once.” They were immediately forced to obey him, and she was delivered from them.

These stories show the power of the holy Rosary in overcoming all sorts of temptations from the evil spirits and all sorts of sins, because these blessed beads of the Rosary put devils to rout.

Order The Secret of the Rosary from the Rosary Center

Let’s hear it for Kathleen Folden

She’s a 56-year-old truck driver who’s facing felony charges for destroying a piece of blasphemous trash pretending to be art in Loveland, CO.

Typical of the media, while the woman was doing it to honor Jesus, the headline reads, “Woman Went After Jesus With a Crowbar.”

“Romantic Cannibals” was a 12-panel lithograph that depicted Jesus involved involved a sex act and it also included comic book characters, Mexican pornography, Mayan symbols and ethnic stereotypes. It ws part of an 82-print exhibit by 10 artists that opened in mid-September and was scheduled to run through late last month.

And why hadn’t someone stepped up to destroy it sooner? Why would anyone with an ounce of taste or education, regardless of religion, consider this “art”?

“There’s been a lot of emotion in the last couple of weeks and I wish that people would think about the consequences of what they do,” gallery director Susan Ison said.

Yes, Ms. Ison, and maybe *YOU* should think about the consequences of what you do. Typical liberals: “We can say whatever we want and offend whomever we want, and you conservatives and Christians just shut up!”

Ison said Wednesday’s incident was a senseless act of violence.

It’s a painting!!!! The exhibit was senseless!

Now, the “artist” speaks:

Chagoya told CBS4 by phone he was upset to learn the news that his art had been attacked. He says his work is a critique of corruption in religious institutions, not people’s beliefs.

“I don’t expect people to agree with me but let’s have a civil discussion, you know. I’ve been getting a lot of hate mail that doesn’t have any logical discussion behind it,” Chagoya said.

Yeah, he depicts Jesus like that and wants us to believe it’s not an insult to our beliefs? Would he depict Mohammed that way?

And civil discussion? How is making offensive, perverted trash and calling it art engaging in civil discussoin?

No logic? How would Chagoya like it if someone did a work of “art” in which he or someone he loves is displayed so offensively?

They’re talking like someone was hurt in this–the only person hurt was Folden herself.

These people care more about this so-called work of art than they care about unborn babies.

Carmelites and the Rosary

From http://www.meditationsfromcarmel.com/rosary.html:

Carmelites and the Rosary
“It is well known that our Holy Mother Saint Teresa of Jesus prayed the Rosary daily. It is believed that while she was traveling throughout Spain, she enjoyed the hospitality of at least one Brigittine Monastery, and from the Brigittines, learned to say their six-decade Rosary. The six-decade Rosary was later adopted as the Rosary of the Discalced Carmelite habit, with a large medal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in addition to, or even in place of, the crucifix found on the Dominican Rosary. Only six of the eighteen decades are worn, as opposed to the entire fifteen decades of the Dominican Rosary, worn with the religious habits of some other Orders.

The Brigittine (or “Saint Bridget”) Rosary looks similar to a regular Rosary, but with an extra decade. The resultant seven Pater beads honor the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the sixty-three Ave Maria beads commemorate the sixty-three years it is believed the Blessed Mother lived on this earth before her Assumption. In praying the Brigittine Rosary, there are a total of eighteen decades: In the six Joyful Mysteries, the first is the Immaculate Conception; the sixth of the Sorrowful Mysteries commemorates when the Body of the Lord was placed in the Arms of His Sorrowful Mother; and the sixth of the Glorious Mysteries is recited in honor of the Patronage of Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace (and, for the Carmelite, Mary, Queen and Beauty of Carmel). The other mysteries are the same as in the Dominican Rosary. However, at the end of each decade, the Apostles Creed, not the Glory be, is recited.” –Fr. Boyd