At this point, shouldn’t it be completely clear that Obama has something to hide? I mean, the guy hasn’t just suppressed the very public records that any of us need to have to get a job or a driver’s license (or even to encounter a police officer these days), but he’s suppressed his published academic papers, for Pete’s sake!

Even if the guy is a natural citizen, he’s hiding something. How many judges have said they’re not allowing this information to be divulged to save the president embarrassment? WHAT EMBARRASSMENT???? How can he be embarrassed by his name being vindicated, if that’s what the evidence shows?

Not a single court, contrary to what liberals claim, has ruled on this evidence. Every lawsuit has been thrown out on a technicality, or on the judge’s direct assertion that investigating the president is beyond the court’s jurisdiction. The federal judge cited in the above video even said in her ruling that it’s Congress’s job to impeach the President!!!



  1. This is a myth. Two federal judges have already ruled that all the relevant information has not only been released, but has been verified not to be a forgery. The competing documentation is such an obvious forgery (New South Wales documents rather than Kenya documents) that every attempt has been thrown out of court.

    The Tea Party just proves themselves to be not evidence-based by this assertion.

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