Yes, I’m sure Jesus would tolerate abortion.

I’ve never understood the myth of the “tolerant Jesus”. When liberals talk about how Jesus would have tolerated homosexuality, abortion, etc., I wonder “What Bible are they reading?” Yes, Jesus dined with sinners: THE ONES WHO REPENTED. Several times in the Gospel of John, most famously the woman caught in adultery, Jesus says, “Go and sin no more.”

Jesus called His own Apostles a “wicked and perverse generation.” He routinely called the Pharisees a “brood of vipers,” etc. He told them that their father was Satan. He called his best friend “Satan” (though some argue that that was an exorcism). The Lord God Almighty is not a “nice guy.” “He’s not a tame lion.”

The Man Who called for the death penalty for anyone who would ever harm a child (Mt 18:6) would hardly tolerate abortion.

Think about it.

7 responses to “Yes, I’m sure Jesus would tolerate abortion.

  1. If Jesus hated abortion so much, why didn’t he say anything about it? There is no mention of abortion in the Gospels.

  2. Well, some fine day, Jesus is coming back to rule and reign from Jerusalem. At that point we will find out just how tolerant He is, or isn’t, of abortion, and a lot of other things as well. This argument will be put to rest on a permanent basis.

  3. Ceecee,

    That’s sort of true, except there won’t be any question, since the Bible clearly says that, when Jesus returns, the world will end. Immediately.

    • I do not believe that the world will end when Jesus comes back. I think we will continue to live on the earth, but we will have our king ruling the planet from the worldwide capital of Jerusalem.

      The world as we have known it will end (the way humuns govern it), with all it’s wars, and hate, and violence. But the physical world that we live in will continue. It will be a much better world to live in.

      But there will be no abortion. Unplanned pregnancies will be dealt with in a humane way. There will also be no wars. Yesssss. I can hardly wait. I’ve always hated wars.

      • Theoretically, assuming the Utopia you describe, there would be no such thing as an unplanned pregnancy, since
        a) No one would be fornicating or committing adultery
        b) there would be no contraception
        c) People would understand the proper balance of unitive and procreative means
        d) As you say, no war, no economic injustice, etc.
        No such thing as an “unplanned pregnancy.”

        However, the problem with this scenario is twofold:
        1) with one exception, explained below, every reference to the Second Coming is final. The Bible does not speak of Jesus coming again and again; just coming once, in the clouds, to gather all the living and dead who are saved and bring them into Heaven–after the bad people are “taken out” (one of these days I’m going to write a post about why one *wants* to be “left behind,” because the Rapture described in Matthew 24 is the removal of the bad people before Christ’s return.
        2) Such an idealized world would require elimination of free will, which God would never do.

        However, the Reign of Christ described in Rev. 20 is happening now–in the Church. Christ is physically present in (almost) every Catholic and Orthodox Church, just as physically present as He was in first century Galilee and Judea.

        Many of the mystics and saints have predicted a period of Peace, when all Christendom will be reunited under the Holy Father, and where the demons will be chained. There would still be sin, because God, again, will never take away free will. However, the demons will be completely bound in Hell, so there will be no extraordinary temptation.

        This will last for anywhere from 50 to 1000 years, depending upon whose commentaries you read and what Scripture passages you emphasize, and then the world will relapse into sin from getting too comfortable with peace. This era will end in the rise of the Anti-Christ, who will present himself in the Church and say the Sacraments are no longer necessary. This will fulfill the prediction of Daniel regarding ending of the the continuous sacrifice (the Mass, which bridges Heaven and Earth and continuously brings the timeless, eternal sacrifice of Calvary back to the world).

        Then, during the era of the AntiChrist, when people are returned to sinfulness, the evil people will suddenly be removed from the world and sent to Hell. Then Christ will come on the clouds, raising the dead as He comes, and bringing the living with them to gather for the final judgement.

  4. Its not,meant literally. God is putting an end to all bad things, the government, jails, welfare, sickness, etc. Its not that literal..

  5. Well, for one thing, there’s that thing about the death penalty for anyone who’d harm a child (Mt 18:6) .

    For another, who says it has to be explicitly stated in the Bible? Jesus didn’t give an exhaustive list of moral teachings, contrary to popular belief. He mostly talked about the attitudes people should have to be part of the kingdom: attitudes of selflessness and self-sacrifice. Abortion is hardly an act of selflessness and self-sacrifice. It’s hardly trust in Divine Providence.

    He doesn’t mention things that He takes for granted. I mean, do you really think Jesus approved of exposing children on rocks because there’s no Gospel passage where He explicitly says, “Don’t expose kids on rocks”??

    And then there’s that point about telling the Apostles that they have the power to “loose and bind.”

    Also, in that day, there wasn’t that much difference between abortion and contraception, other than abortions by “binding” (when they’d tie the stomach of a pregnant woman really tight so the baby would strangle).

    Look up the word “witchcraft” in the Bible. Witchcraft, both in the Bible and in history, really refers to abortion and contraception (and drugs). The Bible and the Early Church Fathers usually list witchcraft among sexual sins. Think about “love potions.” The Greek word translated as witchcraft is actually Pharmakeia. The Salem Witch trials actually started with teenagers who were going to a certain woman’s house and buying mushrooms from her and getting high. The only convicted witch in the history of Virginia (pardoned by pro-abortion “Catholic” Tim Kaine) was accused of making women unable to have babies and making pregnant women no longer pregnant.

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