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Yes, I’m sure Jesus would tolerate abortion.

I’ve never understood the myth of the “tolerant Jesus”. When liberals talk about how Jesus would have tolerated homosexuality, abortion, etc., I wonder “What Bible are they reading?” Yes, Jesus dined with sinners: THE ONES WHO REPENTED. Several times in the Gospel of John, most famously the woman caught in adultery, Jesus says, “Go and sin no more.”

Jesus called His own Apostles a “wicked and perverse generation.” He routinely called the Pharisees a “brood of vipers,” etc. He told them that their father was Satan. He called his best friend “Satan” (though some argue that that was an exorcism). The Lord God Almighty is not a “nice guy.” “He’s not a tame lion.”

The Man Who called for the death penalty for anyone who would ever harm a child (Mt 18:6) would hardly tolerate abortion.

Think about it.

Media and Political Masterminds are so clueless

When Republicans emphasize abortion as an issue, they win. When they de-emphasize it, for the most part, they lose.

Yes, the Republicans screwed up big time under Bush, and they did so because of the Neoconservatives. A neocon is worse than a Democrat because they tax like conservatives and spend like Republicans; they adopt the “incrementalist” approach to abortion, wasting time and money on meaningless gestures; and, of course, they get us involved in too many globalist entanglements.

With the exception of War Hawks in the Tea Party movement, the Tea Party represents paleoconservatism. I love it when neocons complain that Ron Paul is “co-opting” the Tea Party movement, since he actually started it.

Apparently, the new strategy of the Democrats in the upcoming election is “We’re not as bad as the Republicans.”
Gee, if our choice is “bad” and “not as bad,” maybe it’s time we threw away the two party false dichotomy?

Maybe the Tea Party candidates, who are officially Republican but essentially represent a growing third party movement, *do* represent something different.

I keep seeing headlines–mostly on that bastion of objectivity called Yahoo News–that the GOP needs to “downplay social issues” to win, or that Tea Party victories in primaries are thwarting GOP’s goals because there’s no way those pro-life, small government types can win!

Hour of Mercy the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

G. K. Chesterton on how Cinderella is like Our Lady

There is the lesson of “Cinderella,” which is the same as that of the Magnificat — exaltavit humiles.

Gilbert Keith Chesterton, Orthodoxy, Ch. 4.