Yay for kids!

Recently, one of my Facebook friends mused whether going shopping with her husband without any kids constituted a ‘date.’

I replied that Mary and I have gotten to the point that any situation involving 2 or less kids is a “date.” Someone else concurred, noting that she and her husband have had the same thought when out with “only” 2 kids–along with the thought that, for many people, that’s their entire family.

I love hanging out with my kids, and I love going places with them. I love having them there in the day when Mary’s working. I love having their company on expeditions during the day.

“Come on, let’s go on an adventure!”
“I hate adventures!” said Joe (3 at the time)
“Why’s that?” I asked.
“Cause adventure means grocery shopping!”

I was reflecting once last year about how boring it will be when they’re all grown up and gone.


One response to “Yay for kids!

  1. Kids really do bring so much life to a family. I’m going to have a serious case of Empty Nest Syndrome when they’re grown and gone.

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