Abortion: Worse than 9/11

Abortion kills more Americans every day than died on 9/11/2001

Abortionists are the real terrorists


2 responses to “Abortion: Worse than 9/11

  1. Oh, come on. Just because Republicans lie every four years and say they’re gonna stop killing babies. (Reagan was obviously the worst villain.) Can’t we, for one day, remember the real innocent murders – 9/11?

  2. Yes, the Republicans lie, which is why I don’t necessarily vote Republican but only for the candidate who best represents what I believe. However, I find it hypocritical that our country freaks out over a total number of victims that has never been definitively counted, when it willingly kills a greater number every single day.

    Also, I have a problem with the term “innocent,” since,
    1) in an absolute sense, no one is innocent,

    2) the state of “innocence” does not make one murder worse than another,
    3) *IF* “innocence” versus “guilt” is to be a mitigating factor for whether we sympathize with a victim or excuse the murderer, in the eyes of the terrorists, the victims were not “innocent” but were complicit in the globalization represented by the WTC.

    Again, I don’t agree with point 3. I believe the only justifiable killing is self defense and that, even then, it’s better to take the heroically virtuous stance of self-sacrifice. However, I believe that the concept of “innocent victim” sets a dangerous precedent for saying, “This person isn’t innocent, so therefore this person deserves to die.”

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