Lesbian Coach fired by Diocese of Springfield, MA

Christine Judd, who has been Athletic Director of Cathedral High School in Springfield, MA, for 3 years and and “dean of students” for four years, has been fired since she “married” another woman this summer.

Oddly enough, she opted for resignation over termination, since the main reason to accept that is avoiding the stigma of being fired, yet she’s appearing in national media over it. She claims it’s the decision of the diocese, and the school still supports her. If that’s the case, the entire administration of the school needs to be fired.

“Cathedral had nothing to do with this,” Judd said. “This was a diocesan decision. In the end, the timing of this issue really affects the kids. That is where it has the most effect.”

Yes, it effects the kids. It shows them this behavior is unacceptable.

Of course, the secular jerks who always comment on Yahoo articles are out in droves with their pitchforks, criticizing the “intolerance” of the Church and asking why this woman is being denied the “sacrament” of marriage.

Gee, how about: “From the beginning, God intended them male and female”?


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