Unlike JPII, the B16 Bomber will not be bullied by local liturgists

The Papal Master of Ceremonies has announced that, in spite of protestations from local organizations, the Supreme Pontiff, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, erstwhile Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Metropolitan Archbishop of Rome, Vicar of Christ, Servant of the Servants of God, etc., has put his foot down.

He will be saying all key parts of the Mass in Latin for all the Masses he celebrates in his upcoming visit to the UK.

Recently, I’ve had a couple discussions with folks on facebook who think that Pope Benedict’s well-documented traditionalism is not so, and still try to play the “traditionalists don’t respect the Pope” card. Usually, the claim is, “If the Pope supposedly cares so much, why doesn’t he do something?”

Or “The Pope doesn’t complain about it at World Youth Day,” or whatever.

Of course, there’s what Francis Cardinal Arinze, retired Prefect of Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, said of John Paul II on the matter: “What do you want him to do, stand up and start screaming at people in the middle of Mass?” “The local people tie the Holy Father’s hands by doing this stuff in advance.”
Or, what Cardinal Arinze said of bishops and pro-abort politicians: ‘What do you want us to do? Send in a platoon of Swiss Guards to force the bishops to do their jobs?”

It’s like, how many documents does the Vatican need to issue that get ignored? Look at http://www.adoremus.org and you can see the catalog of documents and statements from each of the past two popes, the prefects of the CDW, etc. You can watch the Cardinal Arinze podcasts on YouTube.

Or there’s the article I read (but can’t find now) the 2008 world youth day in Sydney, where some Polynesian Catholic priests did some kind of Tongan tribal dance during the offertory–wearing traditional “garb,” including grass skirts and bare chests. Most of the media reported on the dance, and showed the dancers and the audience. The Holy Father was conspicuously absent from the display in most media, except EWTN’s footage, where he was clearly uncomfortable.

The times, they are a-changing. After decades of hearing how traditionalists are just “old people who don’t like change,” now the progressives are the “old people who don’t like change” as they rant about Summorum Pontificum, Liturgiam Authenticam, the “new” Missal, etc. They act as if a literal translation of Latin, and permission for those who want a traditional Latin Mass to have it, are going to bring the end to all their so-called reforms (of course, we hope they will!)

Speaking as someone who was born in 1977 and never even attended a mass according to the 1962 Missal until 2003, and given the number of grey heads at the average “folk Mass,” I’ve always found the “Traditionalists are just old people” claim to be laughable. Recently, when I pointed out those facts, the response from one person was something like, “Being an old fogey is a state of mind.”

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