Soros’s Catholic Front Operation is Defunct

In case you missed the news:
According to The Catholic Key Blog the so-called “Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good,” the group which, like so many other liberal groups (Vox, ehem, Nova, ehem) supposedly advocated a consistent Catholic social view (contraception conspicuously absent among them) but basically existed to come up with excuses for voting for Obama, is now out of business.

Long story short, their number’s been disconnected.

Cue Nelson Muntz.
H/T A Catholic View

Speaking of operations funded by George Soros, the billionaire Democrat who wants to use his money to buy elections and call it democracy, is apparently outraged that people whose views differ from his would organize at a grassroots level. After all, “grassroots organizing” can only happen if George Soros funds it!

Instead, he’s now dedicating his considerable wealth to trying to counteract the Tea Party and fund “research” into the alleged “racism”.

Apparently, there was some event where Tea Party activists supposedly made racial epithets against an African American Democrat congresshuman, and one of those activists supposedly spat at Rep. Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri. Supposedly, the individual in question already smoothed it over behind the scenes with Rep. Cleaver and said he did not intentionally “spit.”

Whatever the facts, this rather stupid “controversy” (I’m sure Rep. Cleaver has done lots of things that are spitworthy, not the least of which would be being in favor of abortion) incident is being played for all it’s allegedly worth by the NAACP and now Soros’s new front operation “Think Progress.”

In fact, it’s not just related news. I’m sure there’s a direct connection between the fact that Catholics in Alliance, which many of us long suspected was a Soros front operation, closed its doors when he opened a new one. It’d be interesting to see if Chris Korzan or any of his cohorts were now working at “Think Progress.”

2 responses to “Soros’s Catholic Front Operation is Defunct

  1. I agree with your organization’s objectives, but it is not true that Chris Korzen’s Group, which is Catholics United, is defunct or that their phone line is disconnected. i just interviewed Chris for the National Catholic Register.

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