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The Unborn have no choice

The Blessed Mother was once an Unborn Child

Soros’s Catholic Front Operation is Defunct

In case you missed the news:
According to The Catholic Key Blog the so-called “Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good,” the group which, like so many other liberal groups (Vox, ehem, Nova, ehem) supposedly advocated a consistent Catholic social view (contraception conspicuously absent among them) but basically existed to come up with excuses for voting for Obama, is now out of business.

Long story short, their number’s been disconnected.

Cue Nelson Muntz.
H/T A Catholic View

Speaking of operations funded by George Soros, the billionaire Democrat who wants to use his money to buy elections and call it democracy, is apparently outraged that people whose views differ from his would organize at a grassroots level. After all, “grassroots organizing” can only happen if George Soros funds it!

Instead, he’s now dedicating his considerable wealth to trying to counteract the Tea Party and fund “research” into the alleged “racism”.

Apparently, there was some event where Tea Party activists supposedly made racial epithets against an African American Democrat congresshuman, and one of those activists supposedly spat at Rep. Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri. Supposedly, the individual in question already smoothed it over behind the scenes with Rep. Cleaver and said he did not intentionally “spit.”

Whatever the facts, this rather stupid “controversy” (I’m sure Rep. Cleaver has done lots of things that are spitworthy, not the least of which would be being in favor of abortion) incident is being played for all it’s allegedly worth by the NAACP and now Soros’s new front operation “Think Progress.”

In fact, it’s not just related news. I’m sure there’s a direct connection between the fact that Catholics in Alliance, which many of us long suspected was a Soros front operation, closed its doors when he opened a new one. It’d be interesting to see if Chris Korzan or any of his cohorts were now working at “Think Progress.”

Great Lines from _A Man for All Seasons_: What to about it.

WOLSEY Indeed! Indeed! Are you going to oppose me? (Trumpet sounds again. WOLSEY visibly relaxes) He’s gone in . . . (He leaves the window) All right, we’ll plod. The King wants a son; what are you going to do about it?

MORE (Dry murmur) I’m very sure the King needs no advice from me on what to do about it.

Unlike JPII, the B16 Bomber will not be bullied by local liturgists

The Papal Master of Ceremonies has announced that, in spite of protestations from local organizations, the Supreme Pontiff, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, erstwhile Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Metropolitan Archbishop of Rome, Vicar of Christ, Servant of the Servants of God, etc., has put his foot down.

He will be saying all key parts of the Mass in Latin for all the Masses he celebrates in his upcoming visit to the UK.

Recently, I’ve had a couple discussions with folks on facebook who think that Pope Benedict’s well-documented traditionalism is not so, and still try to play the “traditionalists don’t respect the Pope” card. Usually, the claim is, “If the Pope supposedly cares so much, why doesn’t he do something?”

Or “The Pope doesn’t complain about it at World Youth Day,” or whatever.

Of course, there’s what Francis Cardinal Arinze, retired Prefect of Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, said of John Paul II on the matter: “What do you want him to do, stand up and start screaming at people in the middle of Mass?” “The local people tie the Holy Father’s hands by doing this stuff in advance.”
Or, what Cardinal Arinze said of bishops and pro-abort politicians: ‘What do you want us to do? Send in a platoon of Swiss Guards to force the bishops to do their jobs?”

It’s like, how many documents does the Vatican need to issue that get ignored? Look at http://www.adoremus.org and you can see the catalog of documents and statements from each of the past two popes, the prefects of the CDW, etc. You can watch the Cardinal Arinze podcasts on YouTube.

Or there’s the article I read (but can’t find now) the 2008 world youth day in Sydney, where some Polynesian Catholic priests did some kind of Tongan tribal dance during the offertory–wearing traditional “garb,” including grass skirts and bare chests. Most of the media reported on the dance, and showed the dancers and the audience. The Holy Father was conspicuously absent from the display in most media, except EWTN’s footage, where he was clearly uncomfortable.

The times, they are a-changing. After decades of hearing how traditionalists are just “old people who don’t like change,” now the progressives are the “old people who don’t like change” as they rant about Summorum Pontificum, Liturgiam Authenticam, the “new” Missal, etc. They act as if a literal translation of Latin, and permission for those who want a traditional Latin Mass to have it, are going to bring the end to all their so-called reforms (of course, we hope they will!)

Speaking as someone who was born in 1977 and never even attended a mass according to the 1962 Missal until 2003, and given the number of grey heads at the average “folk Mass,” I’ve always found the “Traditionalists are just old people” claim to be laughable. Recently, when I pointed out those facts, the response from one person was something like, “Being an old fogey is a state of mind.”

St. Louis de Montfort on Bl. Alan de la Roche

From The Secret of the Rosary:

Blessed Alan de la Roche

All things, even the holiest, are subject to change, especially when they are dependent on man’s free will. It is hardly to be wondered at, then, that the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary only retained its first fervor for one century after it was instituted by Saint Dominic. After this, it was like a thing buried and forgotten.

Doubtless, too, the wicked scheming and jealousy of the devil were largely responsible for getting people to neglect the Holy Rosary, and thus block the flow of God’s grace which it had drawn down upon the world.

Thus, in 1349, God punished the whole of Europe and sent the most terrible plague that had ever been known into every land. It started first in the east and spread throughout Italy, Germany, France, Poland, and Hungary, bringing desolation wherever it came – for out of a hundred men hardly one lived to tell the tale. Big towns, little towns, villages, and monasteries were almost completely deserted during the three years that the epidemic lasted.

This scourge of God was quickly followed by two others: the heresy of Flagellants and a tragic schism in 1376.

Later on when these trials were over, thanks to the mercy of God, Our Lady told Blessed Alan to revive the ancient Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary. Blessed Alan was one of the Dominican Fathers from the monastery at Dinan, in Brittany. He was an eminent theologian and was famous for his sermons. Our Lady chose him because, since the Confraternity had originally been started in this province, it was most fitting that a Dominican from the very same province, should have the honor of reestablishing it.

Blessed Alan began this great work in 1460 after a special warning from Our Lord, Who wished to spur him on to preach the Holy Rosary, spoke to him in the Sacred Host: “How can you crucify Me again so soon?” Jesus said. “What did You say, Lord?”, asked Blessed Alan, horrified. “You crucified Me once before by your sins,” answered Jesus, “and I would willingly be crucified again rather than have My Father offended by the sins you used to commit. You are crucifying Me again now because you have all the learning and understanding that you need to preach My Mother’s Rosary, and you are not doing so. If you only did this you could teach many souls that right path and lead them away from sin – but you are not doing it and so you yourself are guilty of the sins that they commit.”

This terrible reproach made Blessed Alan solemnly resolve to preach the Rosary unceasingly.

Our Lady too spoke to him one day to inspire him to preach the Holy Rosary more and more:

“You were a great sinner in your youth,” she said, “but I obtained the grace of your conversion from my Son. Had such a thing been possible I would have liked to have gone through all kinds of suffering to save you because converted sinners are a glory to me. And I would have done this also to make you worthy of preaching my Rosary far and wide.”

Saint Dominic appeared to Blessed Alan as well and told him of the great results of his ministry: he had preached the Holy Rosary unceasingly, his sermons had borne great fruit and many people had been converted during his missions. He said to Blessed Alan:

“See the wonderful results I have had through preaching the Holy Rosary! You and all those who love Our Lady ought to do the same so that, by means of this holy practice of the Rosary, you may draw all people to the real science of the virtues.”

Briefly, then, this is the history of how Saint Dominic established the Holy Rosary and of how Blessed Alan de la Roche restored it.

Order The Secret of the Rosary from the Rosary Center

Can we declare war against England, or at least an embargo?

Case in Point:
This obnoxious article which asks various British perverts like Richard Dawkins what they would like to say to the Pope if they could. You don’t have to read it to know what they’re saying.

Dawkins calls Catholicism the world’s “second most evil religion,” and some feminazi named Claire Raynor says:

“I have no language with which to adequately describe Joseph Alois Ratzinger, AKA the Pope. In all my years as a campaigner I have never felt such animus against any individual as I do against this creature. His views are so disgusting, so repellent and so hugely damaging to the rest of us, that the only thing to do is to get rid of him.”

The quotes are accompanied by offensive cartoons of a generic fat “Pope.” It is worth noting that they would never do this about “the world’s [first] most evil religion,” since they’d get death threats from Muslims for running something like this, and we all know atheists are afraid to die.

Most of their repulsive comments pertain to child sexual abuse. Nevermind the facts, of course, that things have greatly improved under Pope Benedict–while they remain just as bad in public and private schools. Nevermind that the record shows Cardinal Ratzinger worked harder than anyone at the Vatican under John Paul II to see that these offending homosexual priests were punished. But who are journalists and scientists to care about facts?

Of course, hypocritically, while criticizing the Church for abuse of children by homosexuals, they also complain about the Church’s teachings on contraception, homosexuality, and women’s “ordination.” Some of the usual drivel about how Jesus would approve of homosexuality, divorce, etc., even though He quite clearly condemns it all with that one emphatic statement: “From the beginning, God intended it male and female.”

Of course, there’s a lot of the usual anti-German racism that comes up when liberal bigots talk about Pope Benedict XVI.

Meanwhile, Keith Cardinal O’Brien, Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, the senior prelate of Scotland, has criticized the BBC for unfairly attacking the Church with its “radically secular and socially liberal mindset.”

Can a society be any more obnoxious than the English? How *DARE* the country that is responsible for killing hundreds of Catholics, managing the world drug trade for several centuries, slavery, playing patsy to Adolf Hitler, and centuries of oppression of the Irish, etc., take any kind of high ground? We’re talking about a country known for it’s racism against not just people of color but the Irish, the French, the Italians, the Spanish, the Germans, etc.