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Babies are a Blessing: Choose Life!

Allie’s Prayer

My little mystic (just starting 3rd grade) wrote the following on a notecard before Mass on Sunday:

“Dear Lord, I love you with all my heart.
You are my great ancestor.
You are whom I look for,
and I am not filled unless
I have Your flesh.
My tired mouth is not
refreshed until I taste
Your Blood.
I feel loved by You.”
–Alexandra C. Hathaway

Discovery Gunman: Left Wing Terrorist

To those who watch cable’s 24 hour news cycle:
So, for the past week, the headlines have been flooded with information on the radical Al Gore, Thomas Malthus, Ted Turner following Eco-terrorist who held the Discovery Channel offices hostage last week because he believed people are parasites, right?

The media are bending over themselves to say that this act of violence is typical of the entire environmental movement, right?

Primetime writers are scrambling to put together the next script about a radical environmental activist who goes around shooting people, right?

People are demanding apologies from Al Gore, Ralph Nader, all the Organic Food stores, Amnesty International, GreenPeace, the EPA, Jimmy Carter, and Planned Parenthood for their rhetoric that led to this violence, right?


As someone who follows internet news about 16 hours a day, I haven’t seen anything like that.


When the gunman’s motives first came out, Yahoo’s headline read something to the effect of, “Man holds Discovery Offices hostage because he objects to environmental programming”–making it sound, to the millions of people who’d just look and move on, that the guy was anti-environmentalist.

The last article my wife saw on the subject even tried to paint the guy as some kind of eco-martyr!!

Or how about this one?

Have the mainstream media reported that, during protests in DC for The Kill Pills Day on June 9, 2009, the Discovery Gunman came up to pro-lifers with a camera and began arguing with them about abortion and population control? Have they talked about this guy’s radical pro-abortion politics and his desire to exterminate humanity? Have they painted these views as a condemnation of the entire “pro-choice” movement??? Well, American Life League has come forward not only with the story but with proof in the guy’s own YouTube videos, which they reported to the authorities.

Here’s the video:

Seen that on CNN, (P)MSNBC or FOX?

Fantastic Homeschool Science Curriculum

Did you know that Isaac Newton thought Galileo was full of bunk? Through a Facebook ad, I recently discovered this cool Catholic homeschooling science curriculum, using a variety of media to teach not only science concepts but science history and the relationship between science and faith.