Bob Marley: Christian

It’s funny. If Kirk Cameron were to adopt some New Age cult tomorrow, Scientology for example, it would be all over the media. If he were to die sometime in the near future, he would probably be remembered forever, not as a Christian, but as a Scientologist.

Bob Marley is known for many things: having a now-famous dog named after him, being a pioneer of reggae music, and popularizing “dreadlocks” (which are actually derived from the Nazirite vow in the Old Testament!). He is also known for popularizing the unique Jamaican cult of “Rastafarianism,” which worships dictator Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia as a reicarnation of the Messiah, and the use of cannabis, which is a part of Rastafarian “worship.”

How many people know that, at his death, Bob Marley was a member of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church?

Indeed, several years before his untimely death, Marley had rejected the Rastafarian cult, but his life was in danger if he formally left it. He had tried to join the Ethiopian Orthodox Church *in* Jamaica but it was too dangerous. So he was received into the Church during a visit to New York City.

I wonder how many of Marley’s fans and admirers would like to copy that part of his life?

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