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How long does an abortion last?

Considering an abortion? Crisis Pregnancy? Afraid?

Fantastic Site on Human Development

This site has amazing pictures and videos of unborn babies. Think unborn babies go through the stage of evolution? Believe that “blob of tissue” bunk? Think that fetuses and embryos ‘aren’t human’? Doing research on abortion or prenatal development?

Check it out!

Bai Macfarlane takes on “Catholic” Divorce Lawyers

As part of her crusade to fight “no fault” divorce in our legal system and the rampant abuse of annulments in the church, Bai Macfarlane is calling on her ordinary, the Most Rev. Richard G. Lennon, bishop of Cleveland, OH, to speak out against professed Catholics who work as divorce lawyers, judges and court psychologists. Many people who serve as extraordinary ministers of communion on Sundays make their living by facilitating the grave sin of divorce. Yet the Church does not speak out against them or against the no-fault system, even though Catholic doctrine clearly condemns divorce.

Some of these charlatans even have the nerve to claim that that the Church has “no problems” with divorce!

Under Canon 915, these divorce practitioners should be excommunicated.

Bob Marley: Christian

It’s funny. If Kirk Cameron were to adopt some New Age cult tomorrow, Scientology for example, it would be all over the media. If he were to die sometime in the near future, he would probably be remembered forever, not as a Christian, but as a Scientologist.

Bob Marley is known for many things: having a now-famous dog named after him, being a pioneer of reggae music, and popularizing “dreadlocks” (which are actually derived from the Nazirite vow in the Old Testament!). He is also known for popularizing the unique Jamaican cult of “Rastafarianism,” which worships dictator Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia as a reicarnation of the Messiah, and the use of cannabis, which is a part of Rastafarian “worship.”

How many people know that, at his death, Bob Marley was a member of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church?

Indeed, several years before his untimely death, Marley had rejected the Rastafarian cult, but his life was in danger if he formally left it. He had tried to join the Ethiopian Orthodox Church *in* Jamaica but it was too dangerous. So he was received into the Church during a visit to New York City.

I wonder how many of Marley’s fans and admirers would like to copy that part of his life?

Glenn Beck Does not Oppose “Gay Marriage”

This comes as no surprise.

Dr. Alan Keyes has taken Glenn Back to task on his lack of constitutionalism and for the “hollow piety” of the so-called “brigade in black,” particularly given the above position.

John Henry at American Catholic wonders whether Beck’s popularity represents politics trumping religion among Catholics of the Right way it has happened on the Left (which, my readers will know, is a major concern of mine).

A few years ago, I was watching Beck’s program, when he claimed that medical professionals don’t have the right to conscientiously object from practices they agree with, such as contraception.

At first, I forgave the fact that Glenn Beck is outspokenly apostate. I’ve mentioned on this blog in the past that I give him credit for one thing: unlike people like Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Rudolph Giuliani, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, the Kennedys, John Kerry, Kathleen Sebelius or Nancy Pelosi, at Beck had the courage to admit he wasn’t really Catholic and leave the Church.

However, that makes him an apostate. As an apostate, he’s on the fast road to Hell. For mentioning this fact in various discussions, I’ve been told I’m “evil” and that I have a “novel” interpretation of Catholic teaching, even though it is clearly stated numerous places (including Karl Adam’s _Spirit of Catholicism_), implied in the 1994 _Catechism_, and in general a basic Catholic teaching, much less the Bible. “Baptism by desire” applies to those who are unbaptized and have not had a reasonable opportunity to know the Catholic Church, but might have converted had they known her–or who were prevented from being baptized by the Church’s own rules and/or negligence.

Vatican II teaches that those who have been raised in non-Catholic Christian traditions are not guilty of the “sin of separation,” since they never made that choice. They have a similar principle to “baptism of desire,” except in regard to the other sacraments, since they’re already baptized.

So what to say of someone who *was* Catholic and left the Church? Hard for such a person to make it back into salvation without reconciling with the Church, save for “invincible ignorance” (and whatever qualifies for that).

In Glenn Beck, though, we have a public figure, a man who presents himself as intelligent, who makes a living sharing his opinions. The best defense Beck’s supporters can lobby is that “he wasn’t properly catechized” or “didn’t understand the faith,” yet doesn’t that very “defense” validate that Beck is not worth listening to, if he’s so badly informed on such a basic subject as his faith.

Earlier this year, Beck infamously told his listeners to “leave any church that teaches social justice.” Beck’s Catholic supporters claim he means the false idea of social justice taught by liberal Catholics, or that he’s misinformed about what social justice is. Again, if he’s that badly informed, he has no business shooting his mouth off in public. By saying those words, this Catholic-turned-Mormon is telling Catholics to leave the Catholic Church. He’s an apostate encouraging others to apostasy.

We’re told he’s “doing a lot of good.” How? How is Beck doing good that other, more educated, propagandizers cannot also do?